Anti Anti Christ

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Lyrics by GWAR

  Abyss Of Woe   Aeiou   All I Ask   Americanized   Antarctican Drinking Song   Anti-Anti-Christ   B. D. F.   B.D.F.   Baby Raper   Babyraper   Back In Crack   Back To Iraq   Bad Bad Men   Battle Lust   Battle-Lust   Beat You To Death   Beauteous Rot   Biledriver   Billy Bad Ass   Black And Huge   Blimey   Bloody Mary   Bone Meal   Bone Snapper   Bonesnapper (The Faces Of The Slain)   Bring Back The Bomb   Captain Crunch   Child   Cool Place To Park   Crack In The Egg   Crush Kill Destroy   Crush, Kill, Destroy   Damnation Under God   Death Pod   Decay Of Grandeur   Destroyed   Dirty, Filthy   Don't Need A Man   Don't Need A Man   Drop Drawers   Eat Steel   Eight Lock   Eighth Lock   Endless Apocalypse   Escape From The Mooselodge   Falling   Fight   Filthy Flow   Fire In The Lions   First Rule Is   Fishfuck   Fistful Of Teeth   Fly Now   Friend   Fuckin' An Animal   Fucking An Animal   Gilded Lily   Go To Hell   Go To Hell!   Gonna Kill U   Gor Gor   Gor-Gor   Gwar Theme   Ham On The Bone   Happy Death Day   Have You Seen Me?   Horror Of Yig   I Hate Love Songs   I Love The Pigs   I Suck On My Thumb   I, Bonesnapper   I'm In Love (With A Dead Dog)   I'm In Love (With A Dead Dog)   If I Could Be That   Immortal Corrupter   Immortal Corruptor   In Her Fear   Jack The World   Jagermonsta   Je M'appelle J. Cousteau   Je M'Appelle J.Cousteau   Je M'appelle J. Cousteau   Jiggle The Handle   King Queen   Knife In Yer Guts   Krak Down   Krosstika   KZ Necromancer   Let Us Slay   Let's Blame The Lightman   Lets Blame The Lightman   Licksore   Lords & Masters   Lost God   Love Surgery   Low Rider   Lust In Space   Madness at the Core of Time   Maggots   Make a Child Cry   Martyrdumb   Mary Anne   Meat Sandwich   Message From The Scallop Boat   Metal Metal Land   Mr Perfect   Mr. Perfect   Murderer's Muse   Murders Muse   My Girly Way   My Girly Ways   My Knife If Yer Guts   Nitro Burning Funny Bong   None But The Brave   Nothing Left Alive   Nudged   Ollie North   Parting Shot   Penguin Attack   Penile Drip   Penis I See   Pepperoni   Pocket Pool   Poor Ole Tom   Preschool Prostitute   Pure As The Arctic Snow   Pussy Planet   RagNaRok   Raped at Birth   Reaganator   Release the Flies   Rock And Roll Party Town   Rock N Roll Never Felt So Good   Rock'N'Roll Never Felt So Good   Saddam A Go-Go   Saddam-a-go-go   Salaminizer   Sammy   Scallop Boat   School's Out   School's Out   Schools Out   Sex Cow   Sexecutioner   Sick And Twisted   Sick Of You   Slap U Around   Slaughterama   Slutman City   Sonderkommando   Stalin's Organs   Stalin's Organs   Storm is Coming   Surf Of Syn   Techno's Song   Techno's Song   The Apes Of Wrath   The Bonus Plan   The Insidious Soliloquy Of Skulhed Face   The Issue Of Tissue (Spacecake)   The Master Has A Butt   The Morality Squad   The New Plague   The Obliteration Of Flab Quarv 7   The Olbiteration Of Flab Quarv 7   The One Will Not Be Named   The Performer   The Private Pain Of Techno Destructo   The Reaganator   The Road Behind   The Salaminizer   The Song Of Words   The Uberklaw   The Ultimate Bohab   The Wheel   The Years Without Light   They Swallowed The Sun   Think Ya Outta Know This   Think You Outta Know This   Tick-Tits   Time For Death   Tormentor   Torture   Triumph of the Pig Children   Tune From Da Moon   U Ain't Shit   Vlad The Impaler   War Is All We Know   War Party   War Toy   We Kill Everything   Whargoul   Where Is Zog?   Womb With A View   World O' Filth   World Of Filth   You Can't Kill Terror   You Can't Kill Terror   Zombies, March   Zombies, March!

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