Anti Homophobe
Brutal Truth

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Lyrics by Brutal Truth

  Addicted   Afterworld   Anti - Homophobe   Attack Dog   Average People (Fiend)   Bastard Noise - Horned Beetle Conflict   Bastard Noise - The Duel of the Ant and the Dragon...   Bed Sheet   Bite The Hand (2:06)   Blind Leading the Blind   Blue World   Brain Trust (2:43)   Brutal Truth - Control Room: Smoke Grind and Sleep...   Brutal Truth - The Stroy   Butcher   Callous   Celebratory Gunfire   Choice of a New Generation   Choice Of A New Generation (1:59)   Collateral Damage   Crawling Man Blues   Crawlspace (1:35)   Daydreamer   Dead Smart   Dementia   Denial Of Existence   Detached   Die Laughing   Displacement (4:15)   Drink Up   Echo Friendly Discharge   Evolution Through Revolution   Fist In Mouth   Fisting   Foolish Bastard   Fuck Cancer   Fucktoy   Get A Therapist Spare The World   Global Good Guy   Godplayer (4:06)   Grind Fidelity   Gut-Check   H O P E   Homesick   Hope   Humanity's Folly   Humpty Finance   Hypocrite Invasion   I Killed My Family   I See Red (2:50)   Ill Neglect   Itch   Jemenez Cricket   Judgement (2:34)   K.A.P.   K.A.P(Kill All Politicians)   Kill Trend Suicide   Killing Planet Earth   Let's Go To War   Lifer   Lord of This World   Lottery   Machine Parts   Mainliner   Mainliner (2:19)   Malice   Media Blitz   Media Blitz (0:56)   Monetary Gain   Old World Order   On The Hunt   Pass Some Down   Perpetual Conversion   Pork Farm   Postulate Then Liberate   Powder Burn   Regression-Progression   Regression\/Progression   Semi-Automatic Carnation   Soft Mind   Stench Of Profit   Sugar Daddy   Sweet Dreams   Swift and Violent (Swift Version)   Turmoil   Turn Face (1:30)   Twenty Bag   Unjust Compromise   Vision   Walking Corpse   War Is Good   Warm Embrace of Poverty   Wilt   Zombie

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