Anti Violent
Flag Anti

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Lyrics by Flag Anti

  20 years of hell   911 For Peace   A New Kind Of Army   A Start   Anatomy of Your Enemy   Angry Young And Poor   Born to die   Bring Out Your Dead   Captain Anarchy   Confused Youth   Culture Revolution   Daddy Warbux   Davey Destroyed The Punk Scene   Die for the Government   Die For Your Government   Drink Drank Punk   Free Nation   Fuck Police Brutality   Got The Numbers   I Can\'t Stand Being With You   I Don\'t Believe   I\'m Being Watched By The CIA   I\'m Having a Good Day   Indie sux hardline sux emo sux you suck   Kill The Rich   Mumia\'s Song   NBC No Blood Thirsty Coporations   No Apology   No Difference   No More Dead   Outbreak   Police State In The USA   Police Story   Punk By The Book   Red White And Brainwashed   Right On   Rotten Future   Safe Tonight   Seattle Was A Riot   She\'s My Little Go Go Dancer   Spaz\'s House Destruction Party   Stars And Stripes   Summer Squatter Go Home   Tearing Everyone Down   That\'s Youth   The Consumer\'s Song   The Panama Deception   The Truth   Their System Doesn\'t Work For You   This Is Not A Crass Song   This Machine Kills Fascists   Underground Network   Until It Happens To You   Vieques Puerto Rico Bikini Revisited   Watch The Right   We Want to Be Free   We\'ve got his gun   What You Don\'t Know   What\'s the Difference   You\'d Do The Same   You\'ll sceam tonight   You\'ve Got To Die For The Government   Your Daddy Was A Rich Man Your Daddy\'s Fucking De

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