Give It Up
Motley Crue

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Lyrics by Motley Crue

  10,000 Miles Away   10.000 Miles Away   1st Band On The Moon   A Rat Like Me   Afraid   All In The Name Of   ALL IN THE NAME OF...   Anarchy In The U.K.   Anarchy In The UK   Angela   Anybody Out There?   Babykills   Bad Boy Boogie   Bastard   Beauty   Bitter Pill   Bittersuite   Black Promises   Black Widow   Blondes   Brandon   Breakin' In The Gun   Can't Change Me   Can't Have Your Cake   Can´t Change Me   Can´t Have Your Cake   Cant Change Me   Catch Me If You Can   Chicks = Trouble   City Boy Blues   City Boy Blues (Demo)   City Boy Blues 4:05   CITY BOYS BLUES (DEMO)   Come On And Dance   Come On And Dance (2:45)   Confessions   Dancing On Glass   Danger   Don't Go Away Mad Just Go Away   Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)   DON'T GO AWAY MAN (JUST GO AWAY)   Down At The Whisky   Dr Feelgood   Dr. Feelgood   Dr. Feelgood (Demo)   Dragstrip Superstar   Driftaway   Droppin Like Flies   Droppin' Like Flies   Enslaved   Every Inch A Woman   Face Down In The Dirt   Fake   Father   FATHER, MOTHER, SON   Fight For Your Rights   Fight For Your Rights 3:40   Find A Dream   Find Myself   FINE, FINE WINE   Five Years Dead   Flush   Forever   Friends   Generation Swine   Get It For Free   Gettin' Hard   GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS   Glitter   God Bless The Children Of The Beast   Goin Out Swingin   Hammered   Hammered (Demo)   Hell On High Heels   Helter Skelter   Hollywood Ending   Home Sweet Home   HOME SWEET HOME ('91 REMIX)   HOME SWEET HOME (DEMO)   HOME SWEET HOME (INSTRUMENTAL ROUGH MIX)   Home Sweet Home 3:55   Hooligan's Holiday   Hooligan's Holiday (Extended Holiday Version)   Hotter Than Hell   HOTTER THAN HELL (DEMO)   Hypnotized   I Believe In Me   I Belive In Me   I Don't Care   I Wanna Be Sedated   I WILL SURVIVE   If I Die Tomorrow   In The Beginning   Jailhouse Rock   Jailhouse Rock (Live)   Just Another Psycho   Keep Your Eye On The Money   Keep Your Eye On The Money (Demo)   Keep Your Eye On The Money 4:31   Kickstart My Heart   Kickstart My Heart (demo)   KICKSTART MY HEART (LIVE IN DALLAS, TEXAS)   Kiss The Sky   Kiss The Sky (Unreleased Track)   Knock 'Em Dead Kid   Knock 'em Dead, Kid   LAMF   Let Us Pray   Let Us Prey   Live Wire   Live Wire (3:14)   Live Wire (Kick Ass '91 Remix)   Livewire   Livin' In The No   Livin' In The No (Demo)   Living Is A Luxury   Look In Her Eyes   Looks That Kill   LOOKS THAT KILL (DEMO)   Louder Than Hell   Louder Than Hell 2:31   Love's Got A Hold On Me   Loveshine   MAKE U FEEL   Make You Feel   Man In The Moon   MERRY-GO-ROUND   Merry-Go-Round (3:22)   Misunderstood   Monsterous   Mood Ring   Mutherfucker Of The Year   Never Loved Her Anyway   New Tattoo   Nona   On With The Show   On With The Show (4:00)   One Less Mouth To Feed   One Way   Outlaw   Piece Of Your Action   Piece Of Your Action (4:38)   PIECE OF YOUR ACTION (SCREAMIN' '91 REMIX)   Planet Boom   Poison Apples   Porno Star   Power To The Music   Primal Scream   Public Enemy   Public Enemy # 1 (4:20)   PUBLIC ENEMY #1   Public Enemy Number 1   Punched In The Teeth By Love   Raise Your Hands To Rock   Raise Your Hands To Rock 2:49   Rattlesnake Shake   Red Hot   Rock N' Roll Junkie   Rocketship   RODEO   Rodeo (Previously Unreleased)   Runnin’ Wild in the Night   Saints Of Los Angeles   Same Ol' Situation   Same Ol' Situation (S O S )   SAME OL' SITUATION (S.O.S.)   Save Our Souls   Save Our Souls 4:10   Set Me Free   Sex (Single)   She Goes Down   She Needs Rock & Roll   She Needs Rock N Roll   Shout At The Devil   Shout At The Devil '97   Shout At The Devil (Demo)   Sick Love Song   Sinners & Saints   Sinners & Saints   Sister Of Pain   Skylar's Song   SLICE OF YOUR PIE   Slice Of Youre Pie   Smoke The Sky   Smokin In The Boys Roommc   Smokin' In The Boys Room   Smokin' In The Boys Room (Demo)   Smokin' In The Boys Room 3:22   Splice Of Your Pie   Starry Eyes   Starry Eyes (4:30)   STICK TO YOUR GUNS   Sticky Sweet   Street Fighting Man   Sumthin' For Nothin'   SUMTHIN' FOR NUTHIN'   T.N.T. (Terror 'N Tinseltown)   Take Me To The Top   Take Me To The Top (3:43)   Teaser   Tell Me Why   Ten Seconds To Love   The Animal In Me   The Crawl   The Edge   The Rift   This Ain't A Love Song   Til Death Do Us Part   Time For Change   Time To Change   Toast of the Town   TONIGHT   Tonight (We Need A Lover)   Tonight (We Need A Lover) 3:35   Too Fast For Love   Too Fast For Love (3:22)   Too Fast For Love (Demo)   Too Young To Fall In Love   Treat Me Like The Dog I Am   Treat Me Like The Dog That I Am   Uncle Jack   Use It Or Lose It   Use It Or Lose It 3:38   Welcome To The Machine   Welcome To The Numb   What's It Gonna Take   White Punks On Dope   White Trash Circus   Wild Side   Without You   Without You (demo)   Without Youmc   Wreck Me   Writing On The Wall   You Are All I Need   You're All I Need   You're Invited (But Your Friend Can't Come)   You´re Invited (But Your Friend Can´t Come)   Youre All I Need

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