Give It Up
Gloria Estefan

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Lyrics by Gloria Estefan

  "Ay, Ay, I"   "Goodnight My Love, Pleasant Dreams"   "Goodnight My Love, Pleasant Dreams"   1-2-3   1, 2, 3 (Remix)   90 Millas   A Bailar   A Little Push   A Toda Maquina   ¡Sí, Señor!   Abriendo Puertas   Abriendo Puertas (Opening Doors)   Al Verte Part\u00edr   Al Verte Partír   ALONG CAME YOU   Along Came You (A Song For Emily)   Always Tomorrow   Amor Fatal   Amour Infini   ANYTHING FOR YOU   Anything for You [Album Version]   Anything for You [DVD]   Aquel Romance   ARBOLITO DE NAVIDAD   As\u00ed Somos   Assomos   Atiendeme   Ay   Ay, Ay, Ay Amor   Ay, Ay, Ay, Amor   Ay,ay,i   Aye, Aye, I   AYER   B\u00e9same   Bésame   Bad Boy   Bad Boy (Remix)   Bad Boy [Single Version]   Bésame   Besame   Betcha Say That   Body To Body   Body to Body   Breaking Up is Hard to Do   c?o me duele perderte   c\u00e9\u00ab\u2020o me duele perderte   C\u00f3mo Me Duele Perderte   Cómo Me Duele Perderte   Cada Dia   Cómo Me Duele Perderte   Can't Forget You   Can't Stay Away From You   Can't Forget You   Can't Stay Away From You   Caridad   Cherchez la Femme   CHRISTMAS AULD LANG SYNE   CHRISTMAS THROUGH YOUR EYES   Christmas Through Your Eyes [Album Version]   Christmas Trough Your Eyes   Close My Eyes   Coming Out of the Dark   Como Me Duede Perderte   Como Me Duele Perderte   Comunicacion   Con los A�os Que Me Quedan   Con Los Años Que Me Quedan   Con Los Años Que Me Quedan [With the Years That I...   Con Los Años Que Me Quedan [Album Version]   CON LOS ANOS QUE ME QUEDAN   CONGA   Conga Conga   Coraz? De Fiesta   Coraz? Prohibido   Coraz\u00e9\u00ab\u2021 De Fiesta   Coraz\u00e9\u00ab\u2021 Prohibido   Coraz\u00f3n De Fiesta   Coraz\u00f3n Prohibido   Corazón De Fiesta   Corazón Prohibido   Cuba Libre   Cuba Libre (English Version)   Cuba Libre (Spanish/Pablo Flores Remix)   Cuts Both Ways   Cuts Both Ways [Album Version]   Dame Otra Oportunidad   Dangerous Game   Desde la Oscuridad   Desde La Oscuridad (Spanish Version)   Desde Que Te Fuiste   Destiny   Devu\u00c3\u00a9lveme El Amor   Devu\u00e9lveme El Amor   Devuélveme El Amor   Devuélveme El Amor   Dingui-li-Bangui   Do You Want To Dance   Doctor Pressure [Miami Sound Machine vs. Mylo]   Doctor Pressure [Mylo vs. Miami Sound MacHine]   Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying   Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me   Don't Let This Moment End   Don't Look Back On Love   Don't Release Me   Don't Release Me (Wyclef Jean Remix)   Don't Stop   Don't Stop Now   Don't Wanna Lose You   Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying   Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me   Don't Let This Moment End   Don't Look Back On Love   Don't Release Me   Don't Stop   Don't Stop Now   Don't Wanna Lose You   Dr. Beat   DR.BEAT   Dulce Amor   Dulce Amor (Sweet Love)   El D\u00eda Que Me Quieras   El Día Que Me Quieras   Ella Se Arrebata   Embraceable You   En El Jardin   Entr?ate   Entr\u00e9\u2013\u201cate   Entr\u00e9gate   Entrégate   Esperando   Esperando (Cuando Cuba Sea Libre)   Esta Canci\u00c3\u00b3n   Esta Canci\u00f3n   Esta Canción   Esta Fiesta No Va Acabar   Esta Fiesta No Va' Acabar   Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar   Everlasting Love   Everlasting Love [Video Version]   Eyes Of Innocence   Falling In Love   Falling in Love (Uh-Oh)   Famous   Farolito   Farolito (Little Star)   Feelin (Love To Infinity Remix)   Feelin'   Feelin' (Love to Infinity Remix)   Feelin' [Love to Infinity Remix][*]   Feelin'   Felicidad   Felicidad (Happyness)   Get on Your Feet   Go Away   Go Away [Single Remix]   Gonna Eat For Christmas   Good Morning Heartache   Goodnight My Love   Goodnight My Love, Pleasant Dreams   Hablas De M   Hablas De M\u00ed   Hablas de Mí   Hablas De Mi   HABLEMOS DE MI   HABLEMOS EL MISMO IDIOMA   Has Logrado Olvidar   Have Yourself A Merry Litlle Christmas   HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS   Heart with Your Name on It   Heat   Heaven's What I Feel   Heaven's What I Feel [dance Mix]   Heaven's What I Feel [Radio Edit] [Edit]   Heaven's What I Feel   Here We Are   Higher   Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me   Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me   Hombre Enamorado   Hot Summer Nights   Hotel Nacional   HOW CAN I BE SURE   How Long Has This Been Going On   Hoy   Hoy (Salsa Mix)   Hoy [Spanish Album Version]   I Can't Believe   I Got No Love   I Just Wanna' Be Happy   I Just Wanna' Be Happy   I Know You Too Well   I Need A Man   I Need Your Love   I See You Smile   I See Your Smile   I Want You So Bad   I Will Always Need Your Love   I Wish You   I'll Be Home For Christmas   I'm Not Giving Up   I'm Not Giving You Up   I'm Not Giving You Up (Remix)   I've Grown Accustomed To His Face   I'll Be Home For Christmas   I'm Not Giving Up   I've Grown Accustomed To His Face   I’ve Grown Accustomed To His Face   If I Could Only Find The Words   If We Were Lovers   In the Meantime   Into You   It's Too Late   It's You I'll Always Love   It's Too Late   Juegos De Amor   Keep On Trying   La Flor y Tu Amor   La Parranda   La Parranda (The Big Party)   La Vida Es   Lan? Perfume   Lan\u00e7a Perfume   Lan\u00e9\u008f\u00b0 Perfume   Lança Perfume   Language of Love   Lejos de Ti   Lejos De Ti (Far From You)   Let It Loose   LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW   Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow   Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow   Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow   Let's Get Loud [*]   Lets Get Loud   Life Goes On   LIGHT OF LOVE   Live Again   Live For Loving   Live For Loving You   Lo Nuestro   Los Ojos Del Amor   Love Me   LOVE ON A TWO WAY STREET   Love On Layaway   Love Toy   Luchar\u00c3\u00a9   Luchar\u00e9   Lucharé   Lucharé   Lucky Girl   Mí Tierra [My Homeland]   Make Me Say Yes   Make My Heart Go   Malvina   Mama Yo Can't Go   Mas Alla   Mas Alla (Beyond)   Mas Allá (Beyond)   Me Buen Amor   Me Enamor   Me Odio   Me Voy   Medicine   Mi Buen Amor   MI TIERRA   Mi Tierra [My Homeland]   Mientras Tanto   Milagro   Milagro (Miracle)   Milagro [Miracle]   Miss Little Havana   Moma Yo Can't Go   Moma Yo Can't Go   Montuno   Morenita   Movies   Mucho Money   Music of My Heart   Natural Woman (Live featuring Carole King)   Nayib's Song   Nayib's Song (I Am Here For You)   Nayib's Song   Nayibs's Song   NAYIBS'S SONG (I am Here For You)   Night Bring Me My Lover   No Hay Mal Que Por Bien No Venga   No Llores   No Me Dejes de Querer   No Me Dejes de Querer ["Flores" del Caribe Mix]   No Me Vuelvo A Enamorar   No Mirar   No Pretendo   NO PRETENDO (spanish version of 'Steal Your Heart'...   NO PRETENDO (spanish version of \   No Sera Facil   No Te Olividare   No Te Olvidar�   No Te Olvidare   Nothin' New   Nothin' New   Nuestra Felicidad   Nuestro Romance Se Acabo   Nuevo Dia   Nuevo Dia (New Day)   Ok   Ok (English Version)   Ok (Spanish Version)   Olv?ate   Olv\u00e9\u0178\u2030ate   Olv\u00eddate   Olvé??ate   On   One Name   Orange Express   Otra Vez   Out Of Nowhere   Overture: Silver Bells   Oye   Oye (English Version)   Oye (Spanish Version)   Oye (Spanish/Pablo Flores Remix)   Oye [Spanish Version][*][Mix][Version]   Oye Mi Canto   Oye Mi Canto - (English Version)   Oye Mi Canto (hear My Voice)   Oye Mi Canto (Hear My Voice) (English Version)   Oye Mi Canto (Hear My Voice) [English Version]   Oye Mi Canto (Spanish Version)   Oye Mi Canto [Hear My Voice]   Oye Mi Canto [Spanish Version]   Oye Mi Canto [Versión Español] [Version]   P\u00edntame   Píntame De Colores   Píntame   Píntame De Colores   Para Decirte Adios   Path of the Right Love   Pensando En Ti   Por Amor   Por Amor (A Duo Con Gloria Estefan)   Por Un Beso   Primitive Love   Prisoner Of Love   Punto de Referencia   Que Ca Ne Finisse Jamais   Que Ca Ne Finisse Jamais (Don't Let This Moment En...   Que Ser   Que Triste Es Volver A Empezar   Quedemos Como Amigos   Qui?eme   Qui\u00c3\u00a9reme M\u00c3\u00a1s   Qui\u00e9\u2013\u017eeme   Qui\u00e9reme   Qui\u00e9reme M\u00e1s   Quiéreme Más   Quiéreme Más   Quireme   Reach   Reach (NBC Olympic Version)   Reach (Song At The Olympics)   Real Woman   Refranes   Regresa a Mi   Remember Me with Love   Renacer   RHYTHM IS GONNA GET YOU   Right Away   Santo Santo   Santo Santo [Versión Español] [Version]   Santo,Santo   Say   Say Ay   Say Goodbye   Se Tenho Que Te Perder   Se Tenho Que Te Perder (Don't Wanna Lose You - Por...   Seal Our Fate   Sex In The 90's   Show Me the Way Back to Your Heart   Si Me Contaras   Si Se?r   Si Se\u00e9\u00a7\u2030r   Si Se\u00f1or   Si Señor   Si Voy a Perderte   Si Voy A Perderte (Don't Wanna Lose You - Spanish ...   SILENT NIGHT   Silver Bells   So Good   Sola   Sonr\u00ede   Sonr\u00ede (Smile)   Sonríe   Sonríe (Smile)   Sonríe (Smile) [feat. Laura Pasini]   Sonríe (Smile) [Solo Version]   Sonrie   Steal Your Heart   Sunride   Surrender   Surrender Paradise   Te Amar\u00c3\u00a9   Te Amaré   Te Amare   Te Amare (Alternate Version)   Te Amare [Spanish Album Version]   Te Amare [Spanish Album Version][*]   Te Quiero, Te Quiero   Te Tengo a Ti   Thank You   The Christmas Song   The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open ...   The Day You Say You Love Me   The Heart Never Learns   The Way You Look Tonight   There Must Be a Better World Somewhere   They Can't Take That Away from Me   Think About You Know   Think About You Now   THIS CHRISTMAS   Time Is Ticking   Time Waits   Toda Pra Vo? (Here We Are - Portuguese version)   Toda Pra Vo\u00e7e   Toda Pra Vo\u00e9\u008f\u00b4 (Here We Are - Portu...   Toda Tuya   Touched by an Angel   Traces   Tradicion   Tradition (Tradici�n)   Tres Deseos (Three Wishes)   Tres Deseos (three Wishes) [12' Remix]   Triste   Tu Amor Conmigo   Tu Fotografia   Tu Sabes Quererme   Tu sais je vais t'aimer   Turn the Beat Around   Turn The Beat Around (Def Classic Mix)   Turn The Beat Around (from "The Specialist")   Turn the Beat Around [DVD]   Tus Ojos   Un Amor Special   Usted Abuso   Volver?   Volver\u00e1s   Volver\u00e9   Volver\u00e9\u2020\u00a9   Volverás   Volveré   Volver†   Volveras   Volvers   Vueltas De La Vida   WEPA   Wepa Remix   Wepa- Spanish Version   What A Difference A Day Makes   What A Wonderful World   What Goes Around   What Goes Around Comes Around   When I See Your Smile   When Someone Comes Into Your Life   WHITE CHRISTMAS   Without Your Love   Words Get In The Way   Wrapped   Y-Tu-Conga   Y-Tu-Conga ("Little Louie" Vega Remix)   Yo No Cambiar\u00eda   Yo No Cambiaría   Yo No Cambiaria   Yo Sé Te Voy A Amar   Yo Tambien Quiero Bailar   You   You Can't Walk Away from Love   You Can't Walk Away from Love (From "Original Sin"...   You Made A Fool Of Me   You Made Me Love You   You'll Be Mine   You'll Be Mine (Party Time)   You'll Be Mine (Party Time) [Single Mix]   You'll Be Mine(Remix)   You're All I Have   You've Broken My Heart   You've Made Me So Very Happy   Young At Heart   Your Eyes Look Sad Tonight   Your Love Is Bad for Me   Your Picture

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