Give It Up Fast

Got out the airport, the Mobb pick me up in the truck

Jury junkie like fuck, I ain't scared to get stuck

So what's the deal poppy? You heard the feds almost got me

I had the Cuban posse all up in my room and lobby

Negotiating like an Illuminati network

Don't catch a body experts and retrospect till the foul connect

When I lost but back then was my fault

Now it's time to floss

Eye for an eye what's mine is yours

I need a suite with the flowers

Complementary at Trump Towers

Sit at the table we can build for hours

On gettin' riches, a cinch, take a glimpse

The World Is Yours written all over the blimps

Here's a toast to my foes, it's like a whole new beginning

From [unverified] and prima, loads of women rockin' linen

I got a plan to blow the Hiroshima, Japan

Movin' niggas out tha hood and just divide 'em with fam

Ay yo, the bitches like G Money said to us, man

About the dick like the horse with the cowboy brand

Give it up fast, quick and not slow

Not goin' to the tables if it's not about dough

Son you know Mobb Deep is runnin' this shit

Qbc, nigga grab your click

Yeah son, I'm feelin' it, opposition want me dead, concealin' shit

Four gats got me livin', kid, rushin' through my pyramid

You secondary, go against the grain then you adversary

Had to bury niggas on my side, that snitch

Ran his mouth like a bitch, now he's layin' in a ditch

Daily dug for himself on his grave I had to piss

Scud missile never miss you

Hit you, scratch you off, we left Jim Star rip through

You metal deeper, you ain't havin' it me either

It's drama, ain't got time for no breathers

Rapper Noyd make these niggas into believers

Huh, huh

Hey Noyd, what up this cat right here, man

Word up

The tough guy strong me, I guess he got plans to ruin me

He want ta do me slowly but surely I beat his fast ass a bit early

Grabbed the biased raid, the shit was curly

Put the drome to his dome let him know it's never early

You can slide before I snatch the heat from his side

Saw the devil in disguise by the look in his eyes

He was surprised I snatched him up regulated his gat

And backed him up, stepped to the side, P blast em up

Hey yo, cannons are rough, you got strucked up, ya strokes slit

So rapper nigga playin' thug try to pro shit

(Yo, kill that nigga, man)

All I remember was I shot for his throat G

You see big guns and 3-D is haunting

It gets deep, fuckin' with these Chinese

Thai weed burnin' my hip from hot gats

Burnin' my lips from roach clips

Catch me on 40th and Bootlegger in the A. M.

These 'are-tape meridian' cats, insomniacs

Four in the mornin' we throwin' back some Cognac juice

Lettin' gats loose in the blue van blitz through

These kids too couldn't find the pistol

Ay yo, I got the Lexus, holdin' my necklace

I'm bent off some next shit, gasoline wick, a kerosene twist

Stumblin', place of my gun right, it's slipped down it's caliber

Lookin' for chicks that he can stab now

Numbed up for my fiery cup, I held juice of sin's nectar

Saints found they youth

Mega-action, bitches all around ready to fuck

Big asses, you bought all the shit, pressin' ya luck

My pipe games like a night train top speed through ya warm piece

[Unverified] to say the least

Give up the pussy fast, quick and not slow

Not goin' to the cell if it ain't a freak show

Said you know Mobb Deep is plannin' this shit

Qbc, niggas grab their click

Give it up fast, quick and not slow

Not goin' to the tables if it's not about dough

Son you know Mobb Deep is runnin' this shit

Qbc, nigga grab your click

(And that's how it go)

And that's it nigga

(If it ain't a freak show)

It ain't a freak show

Ya know what I'm sayin'?

(Don't give up, don't give up, don't give up)

Don't go

(You know the deal)

Rapper Noyd, rapper P, Nas, Havoc to the exit

Niggas we out, what up

(The Infamous)

It's over baby

(fuck 9-6 to 9-7)

Tell the rest of the crew

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