Give It Up
Lil' Kim

Say what?

Check it out

[Lil' Kim]

Pop corks with the best of them, style on the rest of them

All because I threw my breast to them

Now they zest and caressin them, Kim neva stressin them

Five figures, bet I'm pressin them

This goes out to my thoroughbreds

Real dogs while ya halfway cats play the back

If ya gizzat, like dizzat

Ask Mark Morrison, it's Return Of The mizzack


I don't wanna hear it

All the things you said to me

About the way you do me

About the way you make me scream

Words could never put it

Those are just a waste of time

So hit me with your best shot

I wonder can you blow my mind


No need to make me feel like I want a Casanova (you got to satisfy me)

So baby what's the deal, 'cause I'm curious about the baby


I wanna know it, baby, you got to show it boy

Give it up! Don't talk about it

Give it up! Just do it boy

Never believin baby, til I can see it boy

Give it up! You got me thinkin

Give it up! You're just pretending


Honey I've been waiting

And I'm not waiting anymore

All the anticipating

So baby won't you close the door

Enough hesitating

So why don't you try change your mind

'cause I've been waiting long boy

We gonna have a real good time



[Lil' Kim]

When I met ya, I swore that I would never forget ya

Scared thinkin I won't let ya

Lick my back up and sniff my crack up

Then I slacked up, you know niggaz can act up

Before they get the booty, then I stay like Tootie

Usually I, know the truthfully I

Don't mind if you wanna get a little Into Me like swv

Stop frontin, can we do a little somethin

Word to my man Max, push the fifth track in the Bentley

Watch me, go dat gently, but simply

Y'all men be, Wasting My Time like Mona Lisa, put that on my Visa

Make you sit calm like Monesha, talking greasy but I talk greasier

So Tim man slide so you can make it fit a little easier


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