Prisoner's Song
Dropkick Murphys

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Lyrics by Dropkick Murphys

  (F)lannigan's Ball   (F)lannigan's Ball   10 Years Of Service   1953   21 Guitar Salute   3rd Man In   78RPM (Stiff Little Fingers Cover   A Few Good Men   A Pub With No Beer   Alcohol   Alcohol (Gang Green cover)   Amazing Grace   Amazing Grace (Traditional)   As One   Baba O'riley   Baba O’riley   Bar Room Hero   Barroom Hero   Barroom Heroes   Bastards On Parade   Billy's Bones   Black Velvet Band   Blood   Blood and Whiskey   Bloody Pig Pile   Borstal Boys   Boston Asphalt   Boys On The Dock   Boys On The Docks   Boys On the Docks (Live)   Boys On The Docks (Murphy's Pub Version)   Boys On The Docks (Murphys' Pub Version)   Boys on the Docks [Live]   Breakdown   Broken Hymns   Broken Hyms   Buried Alive   Burn   Burried Alive   Cadence to Arms   Caps And Bottles   Captain Kelly's Kitchen   Captain Kelly's Kitchen   Career Opportunities   Caught In a Jar   Citizen C.I.A.   Climbing A Chair To Bed   Cruel   Curse Of A Fallen Soul   Deeds Not Words   Denial   Devil's Brigade   Devils Brigade   Dirty Water   Do or Die   Do or Die [*]   Do or Die [Live]   Don't Tear Us Apart   Don't Tear Us Apart   Echoes on "A". Street   Echoes On \"A.\" Street   Echoes On "A." Street   Echoes on A. Street   End Of The Night   Euro Trash   Eurotrash   Fairmount Hill   Famous For Nothing   Far Away Coast   Far Away Coast [Live]   Fields of Athenry   Fighting 69th   Fighting 69th (Traditional)   Fightstarted Karaoke   Fightstarter Karaoke   Fightstarter Kareoke   Finnegan's Wake   Finnegan's Wake (Traditional)   Finnegan's Wake   Flannigan's Ball   For Boston   Forever   Fortunate Son   Fortunes Of War   Four Dead Cheerleaders   Freedom   Front Seat   Get Up   Get Up [Live]   God Willing   Going Out In Style   Going Strong   Gonna Be A Blackout Tonight   Gonna Be a Blackout Tonight [Music Video]   Good Rats   Guns Of Brixton   Guns Of Brixton (Live)   Halloween   Halloween (Misfits cover)   Ham 'Em High   Hang 'Em High   Hang ’em High   Hang up Your Boots   Heroes from Our Past   Hey Little Rich Boy   Homeward Bound   I'll Begin Again   I'm Shipping Up To Boston   I'll Begin Again   I'm Shipping Up To Boston   In The Streets Of Boston   Informer   Irish Drinking Song (As Far As I Know)   It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N R...   It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock...   Jailbreak   Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy cover)   Jimmy Collins' Wake   Jimmy Collins’ Wake   John Law   Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya   Keep the Faith   Kiss Me I'm #[email protected]*faced   Kiss Me I'm #[email protected]*faced   Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced   Knock Me Down   Last Letter Home   Loyal to No One   Loyal To No-One   Memorial Day   Memories Remain   Mob Mentalilty   Mob Mentality   My Hero   Never Again   Never Alone   Never Alone [Live]   Never Forget   Noble   Nobody's Hero   Nobody's Hero   On The Attack   Out Of Our Heads   Out On The Town   Paying My Way   Peg O' My Heart   Peg O' My Heart   Peg o’ My Heart   Perfect Stranger   Pipebomb on Lansdowne   Pipebomb on Lansdowne (Extended Dance Remix)   Pipebomb on Lansdowne [Dance Remix]   Prisoner's Song   Prisoner’s Song   Ramble And Roll   Regular Guy   Revolt   Road of the Righteous   Road of the Rigteous   Rock 'N Roll   Rock 'n' Roll   Rock & Roll   Rock'n'Roll   Rocky Road to Dublin   Roll Call   Rose Tattoo   Rude Awakenings   Shark Attack   Shattered   Skinhead On the M.B.T.A.   Skinhead On The MBTA (Traditional)   Skinhead on the Mtba [Live]   Soundtrack To A Killing Spree   Spicy McHaggis Jig   Strongman   Sunday Hardcore Matinee   Sunshine Highway   Surrender   Take 'Em Down   Take ’em Down   Take It And Run   Take it or Leave it   Tenant Enemy #1   Tessie   The Auld Triangle   The Battle Rages On   The Battle Rages On (acoustic)   The Boys Are Back   The Burden   The Chosen Few   The Dirty Glass   The Fortunes Of War   The Gang's All Here   The Gang's All Here   The Gauntlet   The Green Fields Of France   The Green Fields of France (Eric Bogle cover)   The Hardest Mile   The Irish Rover   The Kids Are Alright   The Legend of Finn   The Legend Of Finn Mac   The Legend Of Finn MacCumhail   The New American Way   The Only Road   The Outcast   The Outsider   The Rocky Road To Dublin   The Rocky Road To Dublin (Traditional)   The Season's Upon Us   The Season's Upon Us   The Spicy McHaggis Jig   The State Of Massachusetts   The Thick Skin Of Defiance   The Torch   The Walking Dead   The Warrior's Code   The Warrior's Code   The Wild Rover   The Wild Rover (Traditional)   This Is Your Life   Time To Go   Tommorow's Industry   Tomorrow's Industry   Tomorrow's Industry   Upstarts and Broken Hearts   Vengeance   Vices And Virtues   Victory   Walk Away   Warlords   Watch Your Back   We Got The Power   Wheel of Misfortune   Which Side Are You On?   White Riot   White Riot (The Clash cover)   White Riot [Live]   Who Is Who   Wich Side Are You On?   Wicked Sensitive Crew   Wild Rover   Worker's Song   Worker's Song   Working   World Full Of Hate   You're A Rebel   You're A Rebel   Your Spirit's Alive   Your Spirit's Alive

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