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6 'n The Morning

6'n the morning' police at my door

Fresh adidas squerk across the bathroom floor

Out the back window I make a escape

Don't even get a chance to grab my old school tape

Mad with no music but happy 'cause I'm free

And the streets to a player is the place to be

Gotta knot in my pocket weighin' at least a grand

Gold on my neck my pistols close at hand

I'm a self-made monster of the city streets

Remotely controlled by hard hip hop beats

But just livin' in the city is a serious task

Didn't know what the cops wanted

Didn't have the time to ask


Seen my homeboys coolin' way out told 'em bout my mornin'

Cold bugged' em out shot allmenn little dice until my knees got sore

Kicked around some stories bout the night before

Possed to the corner where the fly girls chill

Through action at some freaks until one bitch got ill

She started actin' stupid simply would not quit

Called us all punk pussies said we all weren't shit

As we walked over to here hoe continued to speak

So we beat the bitch down in the god damn street

But just livin' in the city a serious task

Bitch didn't know what hit her didn't have time to ask

But livin' in the county is a serious task

Niga didn't know what happend

Didn't have time to ask

Back on the streets after five and a deuce

Seven years later but still had the juice

My homeboy Ken Gee put me up the track

Told me E's rollin' Villain - bj's got the sack

Bruce is a giant - Nat C's clockin' Dough

Be bop's a pimp. My old freaks a hoe

The batter rams rollin' rocks are the thing

Life has no meaning and money is king

Then he looked at me slowely and Hen had to grin

He said Man you out early we thought you got ten

Opened his safe kicked me down with cold cash

Knew I would get busy- He didn't waste time to ask


Continued clockin' freaks with emcee posterior

Rollin' in allmenn blazer with a louie interior

Solid gold the ride was raw

Bust allmenn left turn was on Crenshaw

Sean-e-sean was the driver Known to give freaks hell

Had a beeper goin' off like a high school bell

Looked in the mirror what did we see?

Fuckin' blue lights L. A. P. D

Pigs searched our car, their day was made

Found allmenn uzi, 44 and a handgranade

Threw us in the county high power block

No freaks to see no beats to rock

Didn't want trouble but the shit must fly

Squabbled this sucker shanked' em in the eyev-2


I bought a Benz with the money the rest went to clothes

Went to the strip strted pimpin' the hoes

My hair had grew long on my seven year stay

And when I got it done on my shoulders it lay

Hard from the joint but fly to my heart

I didn't want no trouble but the shit had to start

Out with my crew some ounks got loud

Shot gun blasts echoed throug the crowd

Six punks hit two punks died

All casualities appiled to their side

Human lives has to pass just for talking much trash

We didn't know who they were - No one had the time to ask


Swat team leader yelled hit the floor

Reached in my pocket pulled my 44

Dove across the room peeped out the window

Twenty cops jumped behind a Pinto

Out the back door like some damn track stars

Broke down an alley jumped into a car

Suckers didn't even see us They musta been Blind

Black wire touched red the car was mine

We hadn't done nothin' but some suckers got shot

Hit the first turn god damn road block

Broke through the block and we did it fast

Cops wouldn't shot us on sight

They wouldn't took time to ask


The rollers gave chase at a serious speed

One more conviction was all I need

This shit was for real

This was no La-Di-Da-Di

Cause the boys had to pin the shit on somebody

And me and my crew we were known to get ill

We carried heat for protection but not to kill

We bust a corner doin 60 one police car spun

And all I was thinkin was murder one

Bust a move into an alley and did it right

And me and my vrew we're gone into the night

Broke to my old lady's who drew me a bath

She didn't even know what happend

Didn't care Didn't ask


Qwe made love like crazy on top of the sheets

This girlie was my worlie a natural freak

She ran her tonuge over each and every part of me

Then she rocked my amadeus as I watched tv

A technican with a mission that's what she was

If there had been a crowd she would of got an applause

This girl did everything on earth to me that could be done

The she backed off and teased me so I couldn't come

Then she cold got stupid pushed me on the floor

Had me beggin' to stop as I was acreamin' for more

After she waxed by body she let me crash

She knew her lovin' was def

She didn't waste time to ask


Up the next mornin' feelin good as hell

Sleepin' with a girlie sure beats a cell

Hit the boulevard in my A. M. G

Hoe's catchin' whiplash tryin' to glimpse the T

Ring on my mobile yes celluar

Got to have a phone when I'm in my car

Was my homeboy Red Some say he's insane

Broke his bitch jaw for smkin' came

Told me to meet him at the airporrt

Said he's jumpin' bail said he just left court

Caught the first thing smokin' in a serious dash

Didn't know where we were going

Didn't care Didn't ask


Fell a sleep on the plane and so did he

Woke up chillin' in N. Y. C

Called up my posse when I got there

Hit the Latin qarter Union Square

Rooftop Devil's nest the rest we passed

Back doored the Palladium just for class

About 4 am we crashed the deuce

We never catch static 'cause my boys got juice

Deuced it to the Bronx to rest our heads

Where a shoot out jumped off mine people lay dead

It sounded like it happend with a mac 10 blast

But it was 6'in the mornin'

We didn't wake up to ask


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