24 Deep
Brotha Lynch Hung


Strikin' through the Deuce wit the 40 in my mouth

The nigga wit the rep of atheist, A mystique doubt

Rippin' the label off the 4-0

Based on the fact I got respect for my dead folks

Prop for my nigga loccs

187's in the hood, I can't say shit

One time thinking it was premeditated

I could E The View from the Deuce-Four Blocc

40 in my mind makin me think I'm gon' get shot

In Deuce-Four Deep, The nigga wit the siccness

A nigga wit a hella enimies, I was cool in 86'

Niggaz from the hood ended up proven they was a snitch

Fuck it, Created a X-Raided

Now I'm tryin to get rich

Ain't that a bitch, that snitch, none-a-nay

Muthafuckaz mad cause they can't make tapes

And I gotta get paid so I could buy my 4-0

To live the atheist life that I was brain-washed to know

Niggaz run up everyday, Wantin to get sum

I told them who runs the motherfucker flow and then some

Win some, Lose some, Like a nightmare

I got enough shit on my mind, I just can't care

I'm on the run, Runnin from whose ever gun is aimin

I'm all up in the middle of shit and aint even claimin

Tryin to survive in the hood is hard enough

Cause them niggas already thinking I'm claimin Creek Mobb

Trippin on gettin snuffed by The View

Smoked in the Gardens, Stayin out The Creek

Cause it's hot and hella hard to get a dub off

Without gettin caught and them niggaz know It

Drinkin that 4-0 ounce in case I'm shot

I wanna E drunk and don't feel it

That nigga, That nigga, That raised the shit

Raised wit Crip but really can't fade the shit no more

But out of respect, I just can't gangbang

I'm in it 24 Deep

You got funk? Then nigga, slang


Based on the fact I put it on the muthafuckin Four

(They know I'm crazy, But they just gettin convinced)


Based on the fact I put it on the muthafuckin Four

(Just another day In the life of a Psycho)

[Verse 2:]

Drinkin while I'm sittin in my room with the lights off

Voices in my head tellin me nigga that's fucked up

X is doin time, So he can't get got

But now I'm livin up in the Deuce and I could still get shot

So imma slang'em, Slang'em like a muthafuckin half-ounce

Trippin off the 4 ounce, The 40 to fuckin ounce to the bounce

And every cap but imma still put some work in

Wearin black in the Deuce some nigga lurkin, full of juice

Pump from the retch of the X-Raided

Settin, the flex waited

That had to murder before he made it

Now he's doin 30 to Death Row

He said he always wanted the devil to have his soul

Young nigga, I wish I could of told him what was up

Fuckin with the so-called devil will get you fucked

I would of told him,

That nigga E killin the bitches all the time

But never knew,

That nigga with murder would try to ditch a crime

I never knew, I heard of a nigga that snitch

But now the sign is every fool that deals with the devil is through

E I'm a psycho

E, Momma might go yell when she find out

Her baby's makin criminals

That nigga, That nightmare critical

That nigga, The Lynch

That critical criminal hinge is on the loose

So whether or not you think I'm down, I got the juice

Now all I need is a muthafuckin Glock

E up in the Blocc and in The Creek, Livin 24 Deep


Based on the fact I put it on the muthafuckin Four

(They know I'm crazy, But they just gettin convinced)


Based on the fact I put it on the muthafuckin Four

(Just another day In the life of a Psycho)

[Verse 3:]

Droppin it like this

Sittin in the crib, 12 o'clock

Half lit, Lookin for a Glock

So I stop by the phone, it's ringin and I wanted to gat

It's X-Raided, He made it to the hood

Nigga, Where you at?

That nigga said,

Around the corner at the pay phone

I got the dank, I got the crew and the nine chrome

So it's on

Let it E known,

I'm a muthafuckin psycho from the Deuce

And all my other niggaz got the same juice

But when it comes to trustin niggaz, I cant' fade it

Frontin niggaz like a game, So I played it

Half-Dead fools got me gang related

A new nigga wanna kill me everyday, shit

For every nigga that pulled a Glock on me

I'm not dyin, nigga that's not gon' E

I'm keep tryin to get myself up out this shit

But all the niggaz I know

Still gon' be claimin me Crip

I'm not trippin

Whatever they want to float their boat

My niggaz'll know the antidote will E smoking a niggaz dome

So until I die, That's how it's gon' E

In the Blooc, 24th Street, nigga

Livin 24 Deep

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Lyrics by Brotha Lynch Hung

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