24 Hours To Live

I want you to ask yourself one question

If you had 24 hrs. to live, what would you do?

That's some deep shit right there, a lot of pressure

How would you handle it?

Mase, what would you do?

Yo, I'd turn out all the hoes that's heterosexual

Smack conceited niggas right off the pedestal

I'd even look for my dad that I never knew

And show him how I look in my Beretta, too

I'd do good shit like take kids from the ghetto

Show them what they could have if they never settle

Take every white kid from high class level

Show 'em what Christmas like growin' up in the ghetto

Teach niggas how to spend, stack the rest

Give blunts to the niggas under massive stress

Give every bum on the street cash to invest

And hope Harlem will blow up be my last request

Yo, yo, if I had 24 hrs. to kick the bucket, fuck it

I'd probably eat some fried chicken and drink a Nantucket

Then go get a jar from Branson

And make sure I leave my mother the money to take care of grandson

Load the three power, hop in the Eddie Bauer

And go give all six to that papi that sold me flour

Get a fresh baldy, make a few calls

Shop at the mall, shoot a lil' ball

Have all of my bitches on one telly at the same time

Spread it out on different floors

And I'm gon' play Lotto, for what?

Even though I ain't gon' be here tomorrow, so what?

You know when I was close to the ledge

I'd probably be in the wedge

With this bare Spanish mami playin' 'tween my legs

Then I'm off to get choke and smoke one a them dreads

And get that bitch from '89 that gave us up to the feds

Thought of momma, wrote her a note, we ain't close

I hate her boyfriend, so, I put one in his throat

Fuck around and sniff an ounce of raw, bust the four

Fours, pull out my dick and take a piss on the floor

Jump in the whip, git them cats I wanted to git

Since the Tavern on the Green robbery in eighty-six

Went home, took a shower in nice cold water

And spent my last hrs. wit my son and my daughter

If you had 24 hrs. to live, just think

Where would you go? What would you do?

Who would you screw? And who would you wanna notify?

Or would yo' ass deny that yo' ass about to die?

If you had 24 hrs. to live, just think

Where would you go? What would you do?

Who would you screw? And who would you wanna notify?

Or would yo' ass deny that yo' ass about to die?

What? Hey, yo, if I had 24, nigga gotta get the raw

Run all them papi's spot, put one in his head at the door

For the times that I paid for twenty an' he gave me twelve

The other eight had to be baking soda by itself

So Papi, fuck you, you dead now, I'm off to the bank

With those bricks in a book bag and a stolen Jag I just grabbed

Went in there grabbed the bank teller wit the pretty face

Fuck her in the safe and have her take me to my place

We'll make a kid but that's selfish and that'll be bad

For my son to have the same shit, his pops just had

And when I'm down to twenty three, I'm a be strapped wit TNT

Run up in city hall and take the judges wit me

If I had 24 hrs. to live, I'd probably die on the fifth

Run in the station squeezin the inf'

I'll be waitin' to get to hell and bust down Satan

Styles' on this shit and I got spot vacant

Back to the twenty four, I make it out the precinct

Shootin' niggas that I hate in they face while they eatin'

I'm on the job robbin' every so called Don

Give the money to my moms and tell her that I'm gone

I would school my little brother that niggas mean him harm

He should learn to tell the future without readin' palms

When they come in with the bullets, you prepared with the bomb

So fuck bein' violent, get stocks and bonds

Twenty four left until my death

So, I'm gon' waste alot of lives but I'll cherish every breath

I know exactly where I'm goin' but I'ma send you there first

And with the shit that I'll be doin', I'ma send you there worse

I've been livin' with a curse and now it's all about to end

But before I go, say hello to my little friend

But I gots to make it right, reconcile with my mother

Try to explain to my son, tell my girl I love her

C-4 up under the coat, snatch up my dog

Turn like three buildings on Wall Street into a fog

Out with a bang, you will remember my name

I wanted to live forever but this wasn't fame

If you had 24 hrs. to live, just think

Where would you go? What would you do?

Who would you screw? And who would you wanna notify?

Or would yo' ass deny that yo' ass about to die?

If you had 24 hrs. to live, just think

Where would you go? What would you do?

Who would you screw? And who would you wanna notify?

Or would yo' ass deny that yo' ass about to die?

If you had 24 hrs. to live, just think

Where would you go? What would you do?

Who would you screw? And who would you wanna notify?

Or would yo' ass deny that yo' ass about to die?

If you had 24 hrs. to live, just think

Where would you go?

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