The Madness
Status Quo

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Lyrics by Status Quo

  1000 Years   A Mess of Blues   A Mess Of Blues   A Year   AB Blues [*][Instrumental]   Accident Prone   Accident Prone   Address Book   Again and Again   Ain't Complaining   All Around My Hat   All Stand Up   All The Reasons   All Through The Night   All Through the Night [*]   All We Really Wanna Do   All We Really Wanna Do (Polly)   And It's Better Now   Anniversary Waltz Part One   Another Day   Another Shipwreck   Auntie Nellie [Stereo] [*]   Baby Boy   Back On My Feet   Backwater   Beginning of the End   Big Fat Mama   Black Veils of Melancholy [Bbc Sessions - David Sy...   Blessed Are The Meek   Blue Eyed Lady   Blue For You   Blues And Rhythm   Break The Rules   Break the Rules (Medley)   Breaking Away   Bring It On Home   Broken Man   Burning Bridges   Burning Bridges [DVD]   Bye Bye Johnny   Cadillac Ranch [#]   Calling   Calling the Shots [*]   Can't Be Done   Can't Give You More   Can't Be Done   Can't Give You More   Carol   Caroline   Caroline [DVD]   Caroline [DVD]   Caroline [Live]   Caroline [Single Version]   Centrefold   Ciao-Ciao   Claudette   Claudie   Come Rock With Me   Confidence   Crawling From The Wreckage   Cream Of The Crop   Creepin' Up On You   Creepin' Up On You   Cross That Bridge   Dear John   Dear John   Diggin Burt Bacharach   Dirty Water   Do It Again   Don't Drive My Car   Don't Mind If I Do   Don't Stop Me Now   Don't Think It Matters   Don't Waste My Time   Don't Drive My Car   Don't Mind If I Do   Don't Stop Me Now   Don't Think It Matters   Don't Waste My Time   Down Down   Down Down [DVD]   Down The Dustpipe   Dreamin'   Dreamin'   Drifting Away   Driving To Glory   Ease Your Mind   Electric Arena   End Of The Line   Enough Is Enough   Everytime I Think Of You   Falling In Falling Out   Famous In The Last Century   Famous In The Last Century (Reprise)   Fighting With The Pack   Fine Fine Fine   For You   Forty-Five Hundred Times   Fun Fun Fun   Gerdundula   Gerdundula [Album Version]   Gerdundula [Live][*]   Get Out And Walk   Get Out Of Denver   Goin' Nowhere   Goin' Nowhere   Going Down For The First Time   Going Down Town Tonight   Gonna Teach You To Love Me   Good Golly Miss Molly   Good Sign [*]   Green   Hard Time   Heavy Traffic   High Flyer   Hold Me   Hold You Back   Hold You Back   Hound Dog   I (Who Have Nothing) [BBC Sessions] [*]   I Didn't Mean It   I Didn't Mean It   I Don't Remember Anymore   I Don't Remember Anymore   I Knew The Bride   I Love Rock And Roll   I Saw The Light   I Should Have Known   I'm Giving Up My Worrying   I'm Giving Up My Worrying   Ice In The Sun   In My Chair   In The Army Now   In Your Eyes   Invitation   Is There A Better Way   Is There A Better Way   It's Christmas Time   Jam Side Down   Jealousy   Junior's Wailing   Junior's Wailing   Just Take Me   Keep 'em Coming   Keep 'em Coming   Keep Me Guessing [*]   Late Last Night [*]   Lean Machine   Let Me Fly   Let's Ride   Let's Work Together   Let's Ride   Let's Work Together   Lies   Like A Good Girl   Like A Zombie   Like It Or Not   Little Dreamer   Little Lady   Little Lady   Little Me And You   Little White Lies   Living On An Island   Lonely Man   Long Ago   Long-Legged Linda   Looking Out For Caroline   Mad About The Boy   Making Waves   Man Overboard   Marguerita Time   Mean Girl   Memphis Tennessee   Mess of Blues   Mess Of The Blues   Money Don't Matter   Money Don't Matter   Mony Mony   Most Of The Time   Mountain Lady   Mystery Song   Nanana   Nanana   Nanana [Extraction]   Nanana [Extraction]   Never Too Late   Nightride   No Contract   No Problems   Not At All   Not Fade Away   Nothing Comes Easy   Obstruction Day   Oh Baby   Oh! What A Night   Ol' Rag Blues   Ol' Rag Blues   Old Time Rock And Roll   On The Road Again   Once Bitten Twice Shy   Once Bitten, Twice Shy   One Man Band   Over And Done   Over The Edge   Over The Edge   Overdose   Paper Plane   Perfect Remedy   Pictures Of Matchstick Men   Pictures of Matchstick Men [Bbc Sessions - Saturda...   Pictures of Matchstick Men [DVD]   Point Of No Return   Price of Love   Price of Love [*]   Queenie   Railroad   Rain   Rain   Rain [DVD]   Rave On   Reason For Living   Red Sky   Restless   Rhythm Of Life   Ring Of A Change   Riverside   Roadhouse Blues   Rock 'N' Me   Rock 'Til You Drop   Rock 'n' Me   Rock 'til You Drop   Rockers Rollin'   Rockers Rollin'   Rockin' All Over The World   Rockin' On   Rockin' All Over The World   Rockin' On   Roll Over Beethoven   Roll Over Lay Down   Roll The Dice   Rollin' Home   Rollin' Home   Rolling Home   Round And Round   Run To Mummy   Runaround Sue   Runaway   Runaway   Sail Away   Save Me   Shady Lady   She Don't Fool Me   She Don't Fool Me   She Dont Fool Me   Sherri Don't Fail Me Now   Sherri Don't Fail Me Now   Shine On   Slow Train   Soft In The Head   Softer Ride   Solid Gold   Someone Show Me Home   Someone's Learning   Someone's Learning   Something 'bout You Baby I Like   Something 'bout You Baby I Like   Something's Going on in My Head   Something's Going On In My Head   Sorry   Speechless   Spicks and Specks [Saturday Club Bbc Session 17/2/...   Spinning Wheel Blues   Spinning Wheel Blues (BBC Session)   Stay The Night   Stones   Sunny Cellophane Skies [Stereo LP Remixed   Sweet Home Chicago   Take Me Away   Tango   Temporary Friend   That's A Fact   That's A Fact   The Oriental   The Power Of Rock   The Wanderer   The Wanderer [*]   The Wanderer [DVD]   The Way It Goes   The Wild Ones   Tommy [*]   Tommys In Love   Too Far Gone   Tune To The Music   Tune to the Music [7' Single Version]   Tune To The Music [Previously Unreleased Instrumen...   Twenty Wild Horses   Umleitung   Under The Influence   Unspoken Words   Wanderer   Wanderer (Medley)   Warning Shot   Way Down   What To Do   What You're Proposin'   What You're Proposin'   Whatever You Want   When I'm Dead And Gone   When I'm Dead And Gone   When You Walk In The Room   Where I Am   Who Asked You   Who Gets The Love   Wild Side Of Life   Wild Side of Life [*]   Win Or Lose   You Never Can Tell (Teenage Wedding)   Young Pretender   Your Smiling Face

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