Serious Rap Shit
Group Home

From jump street I thump beats; that's bangin' in the streets.
See, now my cipher's complete.
I got each of my brothers on my side, right and left.
Who's next to flex? I get more thrills than sex.
Microphone is like a loaded mac.
Who's that, there, that's tryin' to hold us back?
I don't think so; we attack the premises.
I'm like your nemesis; devils better remember this.
Yo, the G-U-R-U, of the Gang, can always hang.
I'll string you out with the dope that I sling,
And you can't touch it when I'm goin off.
And crazy shouts to my niggaz up north.
Although you're locked down you're still on my mind.
So rewind selector; rewind, rewind.
I'm kickin' shit off my dome.
I puff the chalice with dread; feel the steel, the real, the chrome.

Me and my fam take this rap shit serious.
New York to L.A., and you niggaz best to fear this.
New York to L.A., and you niggaz best to fear this.
New York to L.A., and you niggaz best to fear this.

[Lil' Dap]
Aiyyo, spark up the mic; little shorty on some wild shit.
I'll pull your file; walk down the streets without a smile.
Kid, shit is gettin hectic; I'm packin a mac-10.
Niggaz want to check it; I'm thirsty for action.
Ninety-five, shit is real; gotta pack my steel
Just in case a nigga try to kill me, chill.
I ain't goin' out like that.
I bust enough caps in backs, and other niggaz they be fakin' jacks.
Best, what, to back up before you get smacked up.
You act up; reload the clip; now back up.
Straight up, don't let me break, fool, because you lose...

Me and my fam, take this rap shit serious.
New York to L.A., and you niggaz best to fear this.
New York to L.A., and you niggaz best to fear this.
New York to L.A., and you niggaz best to fear this.
New York to L.A., and you niggaz best to fear this.
New York to L.A., and you niggaz best to fear this.

[Big Shug]
I sit back and watch MC's take freefalls.
Bounce 'em off walls, like Superball.
Stand tall and terrorize MC's;
All the ones who want to be like me.
You can't get with the exquisite shit I kiddick.
You get caught up, like Ted Kennedy, in Chappaquidick.
You can't roll with my flavor or style.
I outlast MC's by miles, and I got
The hot style that pops.
I'm givin' hardrocks body shots when I rock.
You can't even test me, no matter how hard you try.
Fuck around, lay around, punk; do or die.
I'm back again, the roughneck nigga from Boston.
When I swing I got mad drama that I bring.
The crews all back me up,
And we come to rip 'cause our shit's too rough, yeah!

Me and my fam, take this rap shit serious.
New York to L.A., and you niggaz best to fear this.
New York to L.A., and you niggaz best to fear this.
New York to L.A., and you niggaz best to fear this.
New York to L.A., and you niggaz best to fear this.
New York to L.A., and you niggaz best to fear this.

[Big Shug]
[Lil' Dap]
Yeah, baby, pah like this.

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Lyrics by Group Home

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