I Don’t Hate You
Lil B

Aye man I want to tell you I love you, erybody
always remember I love you no matter what
you could’ve done me the foulest on earth and I still love you

No matter what you think or what you seen, I don’t hate you
I don’t hate you, I said I don’t hate you

I love everybody that’s for life
Welcome to Basedworld Paradise
Imma show you that its gonna be alright
Things get hard keep pushing on
You hear the pain in my voice when I sing this song
If you love Lil B you should sing along
I said you should sing along
If you love Lil B you sing this song
Life can be shorter it can be long
Don’t cry you’re not alone, you can call my phone
I said you can call my phone
I said you’re not alone you can call my phone
I know you working hard and them days is long
But you might be rich keep holding on
We all one just stay strong
We all one, people, keep holding on


Everyday I think about the crossroads
R.I.P Mike keep holding on
Everyday in life Imma go hard
I know Imma make it man I swear to god
Driving through Richmond not tryna stop
Gotta get my mind right Imma blow a blunt
Seen the world twice I left Oakland once
Seen the world twice I left Oakland once
Imma stay real and keep smoking blunts
Told ’em be cool man I had enough
Told ’em be cool man I had enough
I told ’em be cool man I had enough
Count on your blessings keep loving me
Without the people I’m nothing
I love ya, and you’re beautiful, remember that


I know you’re having a rough day, but I love you
We might of had problems in the past but I love you
We might of had problems in the future but I love ya

I want everyone to take this time to love each other
Forgive each other for everything that you can, let ’em know its not your fault
Be happy and let that anxiety go, Lil B I love y’all to the death, to the end
let’s live the fullest and the most fruitful that we can, Lil B I love you, yeah

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Lyrics by Lil B

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