Hold On, We're Going Home

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Lyrics by Drake

  0 To 100   0 To 100 / The Catch Up   0 To 100 \/ The Catch Up   0 to 100\/The Catch Up   2 On Thotful   2 On/Thotful   30 For 30 Freestyle   305 To My City   3Peat   4PM in Calabasas   5 AM In Toronto   5AM In Toronto   6 God   6 Man   6PM In New York   9   9 a.m. In Dallas   9 AM In Dallas   9am In Dallas   A Little Favour   A Millie (freestyle)   A Night Off   A Scorpio's Mind   A.M. 2 P.M.   About The Game (Remix)   All Me   All Night Long   All Of The Lights   All This Love   All White   Asthma Team   Asthma Team Freestyle   Aston Martin Music   At Your Best   Baby Come With Me   Back On Road   Back To Back   Back To Back Freestyle   Bad Meanin Good   Bad Meaning Good   Baddest Girl Around   Bar Mitzvah In 1999   Barry Bonds Freestyle   Bedrock   Believe It Or Not   Best I Ever Had   Best I Ever Had (Remix)   Best I Ever Had [Clean]   Best I've Never Had   Beyond This   Big Rings   Bitch Is Crazy   Bollywood Flow   Brand New   Brand New (Remix)   Brand New Remix Feat. Lil Wayne   Bria's Interlude   Buried Alive Interlude   Call On Me   Cameras   Cameras / Good Ones Go (Interlude)   Cameras / Good Ones Go Interlude   Cameras \/ Good Ones Go Interlude   Cameras, Good Ones Go   Cameras/Good Ones Go Interlude   Can I   Can I?   Cece's Interlude   Celebration   Change Locations   Charged   Charged Up   Child's Play   Child's Play (Spintelect Remix)   Child's Play   Childs Play   City Is Mine   City Is Mine*   Closer   Club Paradise   Come Real   Come Thru   Come Winter   Comeback Season   Company   Congratulations   Connect   Controlla   Crew Love   Days In The East   Dayz In The East   Deceiving   Deuces   Deuces Remix   Diamonds Dancing   Digital Dash   Do It All   Do It Now   Do What U Do (Remix)   Do What U Do (Remix)*   Do What You Do   Do What You Do (Remix)   Do What You Do (Seasonal Intuition Mixtape)   Doing It Wrong   Doing It Wrong   Don't You Have A Man   Down Down   Draft Day   Drake 0 To 100 Produced by Boi-1da with additional...   Drake 305 To My City feat. Detail. Track 11 on Dr...   Drake 5 AM In Toronto is a new promo track from th...   Drake Call On Me is an unreleased song Drake debut...   Drake Cameras a new song from the "Take Care" albu...   Drake Come Thru Off of 'Nothing Was The Same   Drake Connect is track 9 on Drake's 'Nothing Was T...   Drake Doing It Wrong is a new song included on Dra...   Drake Enough Said is a posthumous duet with Aaliya...   Drake Fight Song   Drake From Time Track 7 on Drake's 'Nothing Was Th...   Drake Furthest Thing is track 2 on Drake's 'Nothin...   Drake Jodeci feat. J. Cole   Drake Light Up featuring retired Rapper Jay-Z   Drake Look What You've Done is a new song included...   Drake Marvins Room is a new song by Drake included...   Drake Miss Me featuring American Rapper Lil Wayne   Drake Over My Dead Body is a new song included on ...   Drake Over the first single from the album "Thank ...   Drake Own It is track 5 on Drake's 'Nothing Was Th...   Drake Pound Cake feat. Jay-Z. Off of 'Nothing Was...   Drake Practice is a new song included on Drake's s...   Drake Shot For Me is a new song included on Drake'...   Drake Shut It Down version featuring a verse by Th...   Drake Side Pieces is a song performed by Canadian ...   Drake The Language is track 10 on Drake's 'Nothing...   Drake The Motion feat. Sampha. Off of 'Nothing Wa...   Drake The Ride is a new song included on Drake's s...   Drake Too Much Track 12 on Drake's 'Nothing Was Th...   Drake Trophies Produced by Hit-Boy   Drake Tuesday is the remix to the iLoveMakonnen so...   Drake Tuscan Leather Intro track on Drake's sophom...   Drake Two On OB O'Brien-assisted remix of Tinashe'...   Drake Under Ground Kings is a new song included on...   Drake Unforgettable featuring   Drake Up All Night featuring Nicki Minaj on the 20...   Drake We'll Be Fine is a new song included on Drak...   Drake Worst Behavior is track 6 on Drake's 'Nothin...   Drake Wu-Tang Forever Track 4 on Drake's 'Nothing ...   Dreams Money Can Buy   Easy To Please   Energy   Enough Said   Erotica Revolution   Extra Special   Faded   Faith   Faith Pt2   Faithful   Faithful (Extended Version)   Fake Love   Fall For Your Type   Fallen   Falling Up   Fancy   Fancy   Fancy (Remix)   Fancy Remix   Fear   Fear   Fear (Remix)   Fear (Remix) Feat. Purple Reign   Fed Up   Feel Love   Feel No Ways   Feeling   Feeling Like   Find Your Love   Find Your Love   Fire & Desire   Fire & Desire   Fire And Desire   Fireworks   Fireworks   Forever   Forever   Forever (Remix)   Forever [Explicit Version]   Free Spirit   Friends With Money   From Time   Funkmaster Flex   Funkmaster Flex Freestyle   Furthest Thing   Get My Paper   Ghetto University   Girls Love Beyoncé   Girls Love Beyonce   Give Ya   Go   Go Out Tonight   God (Snippet)   Going In For Life   Gonorrhea   Good Kush And Alcohol   Good Life   Good Ones   Good Ones Go   Good Ones Go Lyrics   GRAMMYs   Greatness   Hate Sleeping Alone   Hate Sleeping Alone [*]   Headlines   Headlines   Headlines (Single)   Headlines [Edited Version]   Headlines [Explicit Version]   Heat Of The Moment   Hell Ya Fu**in Right   Hell Ya Fuckin Right   Hold On   Hold On We're Going Home   Hold On We're Going Home (French Version)   Hold On We're Going Home And From Time   Hold On We\u2019re Going Home   Hold On We're Going Home   Hold On We're Going Home And From Time   Hold On We’re Going Home   Hold On We’re Going Home (remix) (s)   Hold On We’re Going Home And From Time   Hold On, We're Going Home (feat. Majid Jordan)   Hold On, We're Going Home (Remix)   Hold On, We're Going Home (Single)   Hold On, We’re Going Home   Hold On, We’re Going Home   Hotline   Hotline Bling   Hotline Bling (Cha Cha Remix)   Houstatlantavegas   Houstatlantavegas   Houstatlantavegas (Remix)   How About Now   How Bout Now   Hurt   HYFR   HYFR (Hell Ya F***ing Right)   HYFR (Hell Ya Fucking Right)   HYFR Hell Ya Fu**in Right   Hype   Hype (Remix)   I Am Toronto   I Do (Remix)   I Get Lonely   I Get Lonely Too   I Get Paper   I Invented Sex   I Want This Forever   I Want This Forver Remix   I'm Goin In   I'm Goin' In   I'm Going In   I'm On 1   I'm On One   I'm On One (Parody)   I'm Ready For Ya   I'm Ready For You   I'm Still Fly   I'm The Plug   I\u2019m Ready For You   I'm Goin' In   I'm Ready For You   I'm Still Fly   If Only Yall New   Ignant Shit   Ignorant Shit   Im Goin In   Im Ready For You   In My Business   In the Morning   Independent Queen   Interlude   Intro   Invented Sex   It's Been A Pleasure   It's Over   It's Been A Pleasure   Its Been a Pleasure   Jersey   Jodeci   Jodeci (Freestyle)   Jodeci Freestyle   Juice   July   Jumpman   Jungle   Karaoke   Karaoke   Keep The Family Close   Kick Push (Remix)   Kick, Push (Remix)   Killer   Know Yourself   Latitude   Lay In Bed Alone   Legend   Let's Call It Off   Lets Call It Off   Light Up   Light Up   Light Up   Light Up (Feat Jay-Z)   Light Up (Feat. Jay Z)   Light Up (Rikers Remix) [feat. Jay-Z, Lil Wayne]   Little Bit   Live From The Gutter   London Freestyle   Look What You've Done   Look What You've Done   Lookin   Lookin'   Lord Knows   Lord Knows   Love And Gunz   Love Remix   Loving You No More   Loving You No More Remix   Lust For Life   Made   Made Men   Madonna   Make Me Proud   Make Me Proud (Single)   Make Things Right   Man Of The Year   Marvin's Room   Marvin's Room \/ Buried Alive Interlude   Marvin\u2019s Room \/ Buried Alive Interlude   Marvins Room   Marvins Room   Message From You   Messages From You   Miss Me   Miss Me   Miss Me (Feat Lil Wayne)   Missin' You (Remix)   Moment 4 Life   Momentous Occasions   Money   Money (Remix)   Money 2 Blow   Money Remix   Money to Blow   More Milli   More Than A Meme   Motto [*]   Must Hate Money   My New Shit   My Side   New Shit   Night Off   No New Friends   No Problems   No Tellin   No Tellin'   No Tellin'   Nothing Was The Same   Notice Me   November 18   November 18th   Now & Forever   Now & Forever   Off That   On A Wave   On My Way   On My Way (ft. James Fauntleroy)   One Dance   One Dance (Remix)   One Man Show   Over   Over   Over (remix)   Over (Remix) [feat. Trey Songz]   Over [2010 Juno Awards]   Over [Edited Version]   Over [Explicit Version]   Over My Dead Body   Overdoes On Life   Overdose   OVOXO Trust Issues Beast Mode   Own It   Paris Morton   Paris Morton Music   Paris Morton Music 2   Paris Morton Music 2 *   Paris Morton Music II   Plastic Bag   Plastic Bags   Play Ball   Poetic Justice   Pop Rose   Pop Style   Pop Style (feat. The Throne)   Pop Style (Solo Version)   Poppin Bottles   Poppin' Bottles   Pound Cake   Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2   Pound Cake \/ Paris Morton Music 2   Pound Cake/paris Morton Music 2   Practice   Preach   Purple Flowers   Put It Down   Ransom   Ready For You   Redemption   Replacement Girl   Rich Boy   Right Above It   Right Hand   Right On Time   Right To Left   Rock Me   Round of Applause   Runaway Girl   Runnin' Thru Da 6ix   S.T.R.E.S.S.   Same Mistake   Same Mistakes   Say Something   Say Something   Say Something (Remix)   Say What's Real   Say What's Real   Say You Will   Scholarships   Scriptures   Share   She Just Wanna   She Will   She Will - Peril P   Shot For Me   Shot for Me   Show Me A Good Time   Show Me a Good Time   Show Me A Good Time   Shut It Down   Shut It Down   Shut It Down   Shut It Down ft The-Dream   Side Pieces   Sing For Me   Six God   Slow Down   Slow Dwon   Slow It Down   Sneakin'   SNL Mashup: Hold On We're Going Home and From Time   So Far Gone   Something   Something More   Sooner Than Later   Sooner That Later   Special   Star 67   Star67   Started From The Bottom   Started From The Bottom (remix)   Started From the Bottom (Single)   Started from the Bottom [Explicit Version]   Stay Schemin   Still Fly   Still Got It   Still Here   Strange Clouds   Stunt Hard   Stunt Hard [feat. Lil Wayne, Nut Da Kid]   Stunt On You   Successful   Summer Sixteen   Summer Sixteen (KRNE Remix)   Summer's Over Interlude   Summer's Over Interlude   Summers Over   Summers Over Interlude   Sunflower   Sweeterman (Remix)   Sweeterman Remix   Take Care   Take Care   Take My Place   Take You Down   Take You Down (Freestyle)   Talk Is Cheap   Teach U A Lesson   Teach You A Lesson (Remix)   Tell Me   Tell Me Lies   Tell Your Friends   Tell Your Friends (Remix)   Thank Me Later   Thank Me Now   Thank Me Now   The Calm   The Calm   The Catch Up (Yomanesko's Mix)   The Catch Up *   The Game's Infiltrator   The Game's Infiltrator (Intro)   The Language   The Language (Chris Rishard Remix)   The Last Hope   The Motion   The Motion (Single)   The Motto   The Motto (Remix)   The Motto (Single)   The Palace Of Auburn Hills (Freestyle)   The Presentation   The Real Her   The Real Her   The Resistance   The Resistance   The Resistance   The Resistance (Remix)   The Resistance Remix   The Ride   The Search   The Start From the Bottom   The Winner   The Zone   These Days   They Know   Thiink Gud Thoughts   Think Good Thoughts   Thrill Is Gone   Tim Westwood Freestyle   To My City   To The Floor   Tony Montana Freestyle   Too Good   Too Much   Trophies   Trophies (Remix)   Trust Issues   Try Harder   Tuesday   Tuesday (Remix)   Tuscan Leather   Two Birds, One Stone   Two On   U With Me?   Under Ground King   Under Ground Kings   Under Ground Kings   Underdog   Unexpected   Unforgettable   Unforgettable   Unstoppable   Unstoppable (Remix)   Untitled   Up All Night   Up All Night   Up All Night   Uptown   Uptown   Used To   Used To (Remix)   Versace   Versace (All Star Remix)   Video Girl   View From The 6   Views   Views From The 6   Wanna Know (Remix)   Want You To Say   Way Back (Tony Montana)   We Made It Freestyle   We'll Be Fine   We\u2019ll Be Fine   We'll Be Fine   Wednesday Night Interlude   Weston Road Flows   What I'm Thinking Now   What If I Kissed You   What Up   What You Need   What's My Name   What\u2019s My Name   Whatcha Say   When We Come Around   Where To Now   Where Were You   Where Were You [feat. Colin Munroe]   Where Were You At   Who Do U Love (ft Y.G.)   Wildfire Remix   Winter's Gone   With You   Worst Behavior   Worst Behaviour   Would U Love Me   Wu Tang Forever   Wu-Tang Forever   Wu-Tang Forever (Remix)   Yamaha Mama   Yamaha Mama (ft. Chris Brown)   You & The 6   You & The Six   You & The 6   You Know You Know   You Know, You Know   You The Best   You With Me?   Yours Sincerely   Zone

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