Growing Pains
Tim Finn

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Lyrics by Tim Finn

  Always Never Now   Are We One Or Are We Two   Astounding Moon   Been There, Done That   Big Canoe   Big Wave Rider   Birds Swim Fish Fly   Can't Do Both   Carve You In Marble   Certain Way   Couldn't Be Done   Crescendo   Currents   Dead Flowers   Death of a Popular Song   Don't Bury My Heart   Drive   Favourite Girl   Forever Thursday   Fraction Too Much Friction   Funny Way   Girlfriend Guru   Good Morning Baby   Good Together   Grand Adventure   Halfway Round the World   Hit The Ground Running   Hole In My Heart   Horizon   How'm I Gonna Sleep   Hyacinth   I Decided to Fly   I Found It   I Only Want to Know   In a Minor Key   In Love With It All   In Your Sway   Keep Talking   Language   Made My Day   Mandala   Many's the Time   Midnight Coma   No Thunder No Fire No Rain   Not Even Close   Not For Nothing   Parihaka   Penelope Tree   Persuasion   Precious Things   Protected   Salt To The Sea   Sawdust And Splinters   Searching The Streets   Second Swim   Shiver   Show a Little Mercy   Show Yourself   So Deep   Something Good   Spiritual Hunger   Staring At the Embers   Still The Song   Strangeness And Charm   Suicide on Downing St.   Sway   Tears Inside   The Day You Were Born   The Refugee Tree   The View Is Worth The Climb   Through the Years   Timmy   Twinkle   Underwater Mountain   Wait and See   Walk You Home   Water Into Wine   We're All Men   Weather With You   What You've Done   When the Winter Comes   Winter Light   Young Mountain

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