Dateless Loser
Reel Big Fish

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Lyrics by Reel Big Fish

  (extra track - I'm Cool)   241 [Skacoustic]   99 Red Balloons   99 Red Balloons (the imaginary version)   A Little Doubt Goes A Long Way   A-W-E-S-O-M-E   All I Want Is More   Alternative Baby   Alternative, Baby   Another Day In Paradise   Another F.U. Song   Another F.USong   Authority Song   Average Man   Bad Guy   Ban The Tube Top   Beer   Beer [Skacoustic]   Big Fuckin' Star   Big Star   Boss Dj   Boss Dj   Boyfriend   Boys Don't Cry   Brand New Hero   Brand New Song   Brown Eyed Girl   Call You   Cannibal   Cheer Up   Dateless Losers   Don't Let Me Down Gently   Don't Stop Skankin'   Don€™t Start A Band   Down in Flames   Drinkin'   Driver 8   Drunk Again   Everybody's Drunk   Everyone Else Is An Asshole   Everything is Cool   Everything Sucks   Everything Sucks [Skacoustic]   Famous Last Words   Fire   Fuck Off Song   Fuck Yourself   Gigantic   Give It To Me   Give It to Me   Go Away   Good Thing   Hate You   Hiding In My Headphones   Hungry Like The Wolf   I Dare You To Break My Heart   I Know You Too Well To Like You Anymore   I Know You Too Well To Like You Anymore   I Love\/You Suck   I Want Your Girlfriend to be My Girlfriend   I Want Your Girlfriend To Be My Girlfriend Too   I'll Never Be   I'll Never Be...   I'm Cool   I'm Her Man   I'm Cool   In The Pit   Irish Drinking Song   Join The Club   Keep A Cool Head   Kiss Me Deadly   Last Show   Let's Go Smoke Some Pot   Live Your Dream   Lost Cause   Mama We're All Crazy Now   Mele Kalikimaka   My Imaginary Friend   New York, New York   Nothin'   Nothing But A Good Time   Off   One Hit Wonderful   P.S. I Hate You   P.SI Hate You   Party Down   Please Don't Tell Her I Have A Girlfriend   Punisher   Revolution   Rock 'n' Roll Is Bitchin'   Rock It With I   Rock N' Roll Is Bitchin'   S.R.   Say 'ten'   Say \"Ten\"   Say Good Bye   Say Goodbye   Say Ten   Scott's a Dork   Sell Out   Set Up   She Has A Girlfriend Now   She Has a Girlfriend Now [DVD]   She Has a Girlfriend Now [Skacoustic]   She's Famous Now   She's Not The End Of The World   Skatanic   Slow Down   Snoop Dog Baby   Snoop Dog Baby   Snoop Dog, Baby   Snoop Dog, Baby [DVD]   Somebody Hates Me   Somebody Loved Me   Song #3   Soul Out   Spin The Globe   Story Of My Life   Stray Cat Strut   Suckers   Suckers [Skacoustic]   Super Hero #5   Take On Me   Take On Me (Cover Of A Ha)   Talk Dirty to Me   Thank You For Not Moshing   The Bad Guy   The Fire   The Joke's On Me   The Joke’s on Me   The Jokeâ??s On Me   The Kids Don't Like It   The Long Run   The New Version Of You   The Promise   The Set Up   The Set Up (You Need This)   The Set Up (You Need This) [DVD]   There Is Nothin' Like A Dame   Til I Hit The Ground   Trendy   Turn The Radio Off   Unity   Valerie   Way Back   We Care   We Close Our Eyes   We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful   What Are Friends For   What Are Friends For?   Where Have You Been?   Why Do All Girls Think They're Fat?   Will The Revolution Come?   Won't Back Down   You Don't Know   Your Girlfriend Sucks   Your Guts (i Hate 'em)   Your Guts (I Hate €˜Em)   Your Guts (I Hate â??em)

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