Cold As Ice
Indigo Girls

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Lyrics by Indigo Girls

  "You And Me Of The 10,000 Wars"   (unknown)   1 2 3   123   A Heart In New York   Able To Sing   Airplane   Alberta   all along the watchtower   All That We Let In   All That We Let In [DVD]   All The Way   Always Be There   American Tune   andy   Angels We Have Heard On High   Another On The Rise   Anyone But Myself   Anyway I Love You   Baby Don't You Break My Heart Slow   Baby Don't You Break My Heart Slow   Baby Dont You Break My Heart Slow   back together again   Bartender's Blues   Bartender's Blues   Bartenders Blues   Beauty To Disaster   Become You   Birthday Song   Bitter Root   Bitterroot   Blister In The Sun   blood and fire   Blood Quantum   burn all the letters   Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee   bury my heart at wounded knee (live)   Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee (Studio Version)   bury my heart at wounded knee (studio)   Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee Live Version   caramia   Carolina In My Mind   Carry Me Away   cedar tree   center stage   Chiapas Bound   chickenman   Christmastime In Washington   Clampdown   Closer To Fine   Closer to Fine [Live][#]   Clues To You   Cold Beer [Live]   Cold Beer & Remote Control   cold beer and remote control   Cold Beer and Remote Control (Studio Version)   Collecting You   Color Me Grey   Come a Long Way   Come Down In Time   Come On Home   Come on Home [DVD]   compromise   Cordova   Cordova [DVD]   Cortez The Killer   Country Road   Cowgirl In The Sand   crazy game   Crazy Game (Bonus Track)   cut it out   Daddy's All Gone   Daddy\'s All Gone   Daddy's All Gone   Daddys All Gone   Dairy Queen   Dairy Queen [DVD]   Damo   Dancing Shoes   Danny's Song   Danny's Song   dead man's hill   Dead Man\'s Hill   Dead Man's Hill   Dear Mr. President   Dear Mr. President [In-Studio Performance]   Deconstruction   Devotion   Digging For Your Dream   Digging For Your Dream [Live]   Dirt and Dead Ends   don't give that girl a gun   Don't Give Up On Me Baby   Don't Think Twice, It's All Right   Don't Think Twice, It's Alright   Don\'t Give That Girl A Gun   Don\'t Give Up On Me, Baby   Don\'t Know Your Name   Don\'t Think Twice, It\'s All Right   Don't Give That Girl A Gun   Don't Give Up On Me Baby   Don't Think Twice, It's Alright   Dont Give Up On Me Baby   Dont Know Your Name   Dont Think Twice   down by the river   Draw The Line   Drift Away   Driver Education   Driver Education [Band Version]   Elizabeth   Erase The Pain   Everybody's Waiting   Everybody's Waiting (for Someone To Come Home)   Everybody's Waiting for Someone to Come Home   Everybody\'s Waiting   Everybody's Waiting (for Someone To Come Home...   everything in it's own time   Everything In It\'s Own Time   Everything In It's Own Time   Everything In Its Own   Fallin' Star   Fallin\' Star   Falling Star   fare thee well   Father & Son   Father & Son   faye tucker   Feed And Water The Horses   Fill It Up Again   Fill It Up Again [DVD]   Findlay, Ohio 1968   Finlandia   Fire & Rain   Fire And Rain   Fishtails   Fleet Of Hope   Fleet of Hope [Acoustic Sessions]   Fleet of Hope [Band Sessions]   Fleet of Hope [Band Version]   Fly Away   Fly Away [Live]   Forgiveness   Free In You   Free In You (Dave Cooley Remix)   Free in You [Dave Cooley Remix]   Free in You [DVD]   Free Through Eternity   fugitive   Galileo   get out the map   get together   ghost   Ghost [Demo Version]   Ghost Of The Gang   Ghost of the Gang [Acoustic Sessions]   Ghost of the Gang [Band Version]   Girls Talk   go   Go Go Go   Gone   Gone   gone again   Goodnight Irene   GoProblem Child   Half Moon Cafe   Half-Moon Cafe   hammer and a nail   Hammer and a Nail [Album Version]   Hammer And Nail   Hand In Hand   hand me downs   Happy in the Sorrow Key   Happy Joyous Hanukkah   Heartache [Live]   Heartache Central Time   Heartache For Everyone   Heartache for Everyone [DVD]   Her Town Too   hey jesus   hey kind friend   High Horse   history of us   Holy City   Hope Alone   House At Pooh Corner   I Believe In Love   I Believe In Love [Live]   I Don't Know Your Name   i don't wanna know   I Don't Wanna Talk About It   I Don\'t Wanna Know   I Don't Know Your Name   I Don't Wanna Know   I Don't Wanna Talk About It   I Dont Wanna Talk About It   I Feel The Christmas Spirit   I Shall Be Released   I'll Be Home For Christmas   I'll Be There   I'll Change   I'll Give You My Skin   I\'ll Change   I\'ll Give You My Skin   I'll Be There   I'll Change   If I Don't Leave Here Now   If You Live Like That   Iko Iko   In The Bleak Midwinter   It Really Is   It Really Is (A Wonderful Life)   It Won't Take Long   It Won't Take Long   It Wont Take Long   it's alright   It's Too Late   It\'s Alright   It's Alright   It's Too Late   jacob's ladder\/this train revised   Jacob\'s Ladder This Train Revised Live Version   Jacobs Ladder/this Train Revised   Johnny Rottentale   joking   Jonas & Ezekial   jonas and ezekial   Junkie's Lament   Junkie's Lament   Just Passing Time   keeper of my heart   Kid Fears   Killing Time   Knockin On Heavens Door   Knockin' On Heaven's Door   Knockin\' On Heaven\'s Door   Knockin' On Heaven's Door   land of canaan   Land of Canaan (Single Mix)   language or the kiss   Last Tears   Lay My Head Down   Learned It on Me   least complicated   Leaving   leeds   left me a fool   let it be me   Let Me Go Easy   Let Me Go Easy (Live Version)   Letter To Eve   Life Blood   Life So Strange   Life's So Strange   Life\'s So Strange   Life's So Strange   Lifeblood   Lincoln Duncan   Little Darling   Little Perennials   Long Ago & Far Away   Long Ago And Far Away   Losin Touch   Losin\' Touch   Losing Touch   Love By You   Love Of Our Lives   Love of Our Lives [Band Version]   Love Of Our Lives [Live]   Love Of The Common People   Love The One You're With   Love The One You're With   love will come to you   Love Will Come to You (Live)   love's recovery   Love's Recovery (Live)   Love\'s Recovery   Love's Recovery   Loves Recovery   make it easier   Make This House A Home   Making Promises   Malachy's   Mariner Moonlighting   Measure Of Me   Melissa   Melting Pot   midnight train to georgia   Mistletoe   Moment of Forgiveness   Moment Of Forgiveness [Live]   Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters   Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters   Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters [Live]   Money Made You Mean   Mrs. Robinson   mystery   nashville   Never Stop   No Way Out   No Way To Treat A Friend   None But The Rain   Nuevas Senoritas   O Holy Night   Olympia Inn   Our Deliverance   Our Deliverence   ozilline   Passin Time   Passin\' Time   Peace Child   Peace Song   peace tonight   Pendulum Swinger   Perfect World   Perfect World [DVD]   Philosophy of Loss   Play It Again Sam   Please Call Me Baby   Please Call Me, Baby   Power Of Two   Pretty Vision   prince of darkness   Problem Child   pushing the needle too far   Ramblin Round   Redemption Song   reunion   Rise Up   Rise Up [DVD]   river   Rock & Roll Heaven's Gate [Live]   Rock And Roll Heaven's Gate   Rock And Roll Heaven's Gate   Rock Me On The Water   Rockin' In The Free World   Rockin' In The Free World   Rockin’ In The Free World   romeo and juliet   Run   Running From The Cold   Salty South   Salty South [Live]   Scared To Say We're Friends   Scared To Say We\'re Friends   Scared To Say Were Friends   scooter boys   Second Time Around   Second Time Around [Band Version]   Second Time Around [Live]   secure yourself   shame on you   Share The Moon   She's Saving Me   She\'s Saving Me   She's Saving Me   shed your skin   Shed Your Skin [Tom Morello Remix]   Should Have Never Crossed Your Path   sister   Sister (reprise)   Slow Moving Sea   Something Real   Something Real [DVD]   soon be to nothing   Soon To Be Nothing   Southern California is Your Girlfriend   Southern Man   Southland In The Springtime   Spread the Pain Around   Squeaky Fromme   Stand Up   Starkville   strange fire   Sugar Tongue   Sugar Tongue [Acoustic Sessions]   Sugar Tongue [Band Sessions]   Sugar Tongue [Live]   Summer Time   Summer, Highland Falls   Summertime   Sweet Gypsy   tangled up in blue   Tether   Tether [DVD]   Texas Was Clean   The Ballad Of Squeaky Fromme   The Distance Remains The Same   the girl with the weight of the world in her hands   The Hard Way   The Mountain Top   The Rise of the Black Messiah   The Untitled Song   The Water Is Wide   The Weakness In Me   The Wonder Song   The Wood Song   There's Still My Joy   They Won't Have Me   thin line   this train revised   Three County Highway   Three County Highway [Live]   three hits   Thursday Afternoon   touch me fall   tried to be true   trouble   TRU Playaz   True Romantic [Band Version]   Tuesday's Children   Untitled Song   Up In Smoke   Up on The Roof   virginia woolf   walk away   Walk Your Valley   Walking Through Fire   War Rugs   Water Is Wide   watershed   we are together   We Get to Feel It All   We Get to Feel It All   welcome me   What Are You Like   What Are You Like [Live]   What Are You Like?   What Was Really Me   White House Blues   Wild Horses   Wild Horses [Live]   Wild Wild Party In The Loquat Tree   Winthrop   Wish You Were Here   Wood Song   world falls   Wysteria   Yield   Yoke   You & Me of The 10,000 Wars   you and me of the 10,000 wars   You And Me Of The 10000 Wars   you left it up to me   you've got a friend   You've Got To Show   Your Holiday Song   Youve Got To Show

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