Barbie's Dead
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Lyrics by UK Subs

  500 Cc   Accident Prone   Ak47   All Blurs Into One   All I Want To Know   Barbie's Dead   Barmy London Army   Bitter & Twisted   Bitter & Twisted (right version!!)   Bitter & Twisted   Blood   Bomb Factory   Brand New Age   C.I.D   C.I.D (Single Version)   Chemical War   Children Of The Flood   CID   Collision Cult   Confrontation   Crash Course   Creation   Cross Fire   Custody   Cyberjunk   Devolution   Dirty Girls   Don't Blame Islam   Dunblane   Eighteen Wheels   Emotional Blackmail   Emotional Blackmail II   Endangered Species   Face The Machine   Fall Of The Empire   Fascist Regime   Fatal   Fragile   Gangster   Guru   Hell Is Other People   Hey Santa   Hollywood   I Couldn't Be You   I Live In A Car   Ice Age   Infidel   Just Another Jungle   Keep On Running (Til You Burn)   Kicks   Killer Cops   Last Man Standing   Left For Dead   Let's Get Drunk   Let's Get Drunk   Limo Life   Media Man   Motivator   Mouth On A Stick   My Little Red Book   New Order   New York State Police   On My Way   Organised Crime   Outside Society   Papers Lie   Party In Paris   Party In Paris [French Version]   Police State   Postcard From La   Psychosis   Public Servant   Quintessentials   Radio Unfriendly   Rat Race   Riot   Robot Age   Rock & Roll Savage   Rock & Roll Savage   Rock N Roll Whore   Rockers   Rockers (7" Version)   Rockers (7\   Rockers (7" Version)   Rockers (Album Version)   Same Thing   Scum of the earth   She's Not There   She's Not There   So What   Soho   Spoils Of War   Squat 96   State Of Alert   Stranglehold   Strychnine   Teenage   Telephone Numbers   The Axe   The Dark (Song For Rassle)   The Day Of The Dead   The harper   Third World England   This Chaos   Time And Matter   Tokyo Rose   Tomorrow's Girls   Too Tired   Universal   Victim   Violent City   Violent Revolution   Waiting for the man   War On The Pentagon - Part 1 & 2   Warhead   White Lie   World war   You Don't Belong   You Don't Belong   Young Criminals   Your Ego

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