400 Bars (The Skeemix)
The Game

It's been a long time, get re-acquainted with the world famous*

You know how on point my aim is

Long range sniper's, clash of the titan's, chrome pipen'

In this 300 like Leonidas

Snub and the bubblegoose, riding down the interstate

Where fiends put them needles in they arm and let 'em penetrate

Leanin' sideways with my fitted straight

The 27's on point, the paintjob a New York minute late

(Check my armor out, no cloud's in my stone's)

Project's ringin', standin' by the cornerstore

Two glocks on me, BANG BANG if u wanna war

That was '05, now we ballin' on this tour

Screamin' out Thug Life, pourin' Belve on ya whore

Money I'm involved with it, wake up and ball with it

Kobe/Gasol with it, uncut raw with it

Chop bricks take trips ot,

Before I had a goatee, I used to bag the Oz.

(Yeah, fish-scale nigga, What up Ghost!?)

Then stash 'em by the oak tree, move it by the coke leaf

Drama let the llama Knick niggas like Charles Oakley

Nigga don't insult me, I banana boat B.R.C.K.S.'s

And stuff 'em in the Lexus

I'm sitting fat like Precious, Christ up on the necklace

And I keep them clips on a dresser

Yes sir, I'm bout to ball, Louise bag the fuckin' mall

Bitches, money and fast cars, nigga I want it all

(Yeah, word to my kids nigga, I want it all)

Nascar Game, why the fuck would I stall!?

I'm the franchise nigga, Chris fucking Paul!

Empty out the cannon hit ya bitch, you the truck and all

Withdrawal 200 thousand, and then FUCK it off!

King of the hill, gotta dime bitch cuttin' raw

She bagged the last nick', I unzip, she suck it soft

Black Superman, yeah, I'm above the law

I put this hollowtip a quarter inch above ya jaw

Eat out a FUCKIN' straw!

Blindfold your bitch toss her in the trunk

After the first 48 that bitch smellin' like a skunk

It's a wrap, I rap, when I wrap the punk

Throw me in the game module and tell 'em wrap the bunks

The breakfast club nigga, no Capitain Crunch

This for my dog nigga's that eat cat's for lunch

I'm hungry like I ain't trapped in month's

So nigga act and stunt, my glock pack a punch

Or I can heckler-coch, and seal your pint box

Leave your head wrapped for months, while I pass the blunt

To my niggas, we all Roc'd out, what's up Jigga?

Sometimes I be in BK, with Fab' on the freeway

Lincoln Continental and I copped it off a eBay

I pop cham. like it's my b-day, horse power

Under my hood like it's an olympic relay

My flow right on time, no delay

I raise a million dollars, send it off to Chile

(Word to my red cross, I don't fuck with the RedCross)

I'm All-Madden nigga, EA, I'm in VA

Money talks with Dre and Pharrell on 3-Way

Them 28's, that's my DJ, they spinning shit

When I took trips OT, I never rented shit

I just drop then cop, and then I tinted shit

Diddy and Mike Epps, I'm All About The Benjamins

In it for the benefits, I'll be down in 10 to 6

Tell 'em get me a Porterhouse and some eggs-Benedict

Damn that was good, but I'm still hungry

And I'm living it, I be out in Venice, shit

They say Weezy-Jordan, nigga I'm on my Pippen shit

They say Drake-Lebron, I'm on my Moe Williams shit

If T.I.P. is Kobe then fuck it, I'm Derek Fisher, shit!

Long as I'm in the starting five, I'm a get it in

Cause I promised the city of Compton, I would get it in!

I was OutKast'd... Andre Benjamin

Now I slide through with my Dominican woman friend

(She like puttin' No Ceilings in, yeah)

Yasepe Heels, expensive wines, Perri seal

It ain't tricking, I just spend money on cheap thrills

Big Phantom's, sweet wheels

Back seat like a club, make them bitches eat pills

Take Patrone shots to the purse with chrome Glocks

Jay Electronica, this a dome shot

So I had to steal it, nigga I had the kill it!

I was the turtle in the race, I made the rabbit feel it!

(Yeah, keep runnin' nigga)

Housing by the subway, feel it through the projects

Come through the Murcialago, a foreign object

Number one prospect, the day that I was drafted

Aftermath-matic unleashed a fuckin' bastard!

Don't respect none of you niggas, get in the casket!

Talking ratchets, never touched a fuckin' automatic

Drama this is tragic, put it in the plastic

88 bars and runnin', throw it with my other classics

(Drama you should've warned these niggas, I'm bout to kill 'em)

Yeah, trash bag it, this is crack

And I know you been feindin for this, come get your packs

I do it for the music nigga, fuck the Plaques

Ain't on no beef shit, but it's still FUCK the rats!

And when I'm in New York, I set a bunch of traps

Put the cheese where they can see it, and if you stunt, you clapped

Catch 'em in the club, that's when I stomp 'em flat

Nigga get up after that, go get a fucking bat

(I tell you bout these fucking rats!)

They either snitch or bend over to catch

No matter how you look at it, I hate fucking rats!

Get my bottle of Ciroc and I twist the cap

Sit back watch the NBA play-offs and roll a back

Yeah, real fat, yeah, all I do is stack bread

In the hood on the wall like a fucking Phathead

Two nines on your back, Warren Sapp, yeah!

This my block and you niggas can't trap here

Unless you wanna get clapped here, head wrapped, yeah

I'm killing niggas, I should have a hundred tat tears

Celebrate your death, toast bottles and clap beers

It's gon' be a cold summer, come through like burr!

The red Phantom bullshittin, the 25, Steve Kerr

The beat insane, Just Blaze in this mothafucka

The cars outside, the 'K is in this mothafucka

I should let off a couple strays in this mothafucka

Fuck that, I'm tryna get laid in this mothafucka

(Yo, tell your friends to get with my friends... Yeah)

Meet me in the parking lot, license plate Aftermath

Screamin' out Fuck 50, wouldn't snitch for half his cash

If he wasn't such a bitch, nobody would've had to blast

Still he's down in Jacksonville, don't make me have to wrap ya Jag'

Cause I rather be in Saint Tropez, unpackin bags

With bitches that speak French, how you say: catch a cab

I don't trip Euros, I don't trip Pounds

I bowlin' ball bitches, till I knock 'em all down

(Like the '93 Pac, I Get Around)

Duffles by the staircase, crack by the backdoor

Navigate my way through the South, I used to trap hoe

All the way through Queensbidge moving packs yo

Might've lost a couple friends, but I got my gat though

Blast fo', my Rap foes could never stop my cash flow

Had a Nike box of hundreds, when I was in that RAV4

But now I pull up in that truck with the crash board

With the mag low, give you everythin you ask for

Sometimes, I can be a fucking asshole

In the bank with my mask on, look at this nigga A-R

Don't take your fucking mask off, bitch empty out the cash drawer

We on a suicide mission, but we don't give fuck

'Cause if we make it out, bigger house bigger truck

I'm in a strip club with a Glock, nigga what!?

Gimme your bitch, she got a cuter face and bigger butt

I ain't gon' do shit but pour champaigne on her

Hit it from the back and watch half of the Laker game on her

(Don't put that back on, too many cum stains on it)

Run a train on her, call Cartoon

Have 'em tatoo my name on her, Star Trek too

You know what? Fuck it, Aftermath too

Put a little smoke around it then take it home and pound it

Helicopter outside, nigga I'm surrounded

Had a spot in the Jungles till the fuckin Fed's found it

Momma, your son got a public announcement

I got 5 million in the walls and the couches

(Don't even think about it... He got cameras, dogs and guns)

Ask Pe-Pe, he was there, he can vouch it

Throw it in the trashcan on some Oscar The Grouch shit

A bunch of green popped out, time to re-route shit

Settle down in Mississippi, gotta down South click

And my niggas like, we ain't know all about this

And any nigga ever snitch, got his fuckin' mouth fixed

You get 25, he get his fuckin' throat slit

Cut 'em like Filet Mignon and throw em off a boat, bitch!

Feed 'em to the sharks then dock the yacht

Oil in the water, damn the ocean so thick

Time to finish off his niggas on some trench coat shit

It's a drug war, real life, Grand Theft

Catch you in the streets fuck you up and hit ya man next

Come through on some retarded shit, just sprayin' techs

Where my dogs at? tell 'em I'm crazier then DMX

Lazier then chinese eyes, when I'm puffin that

Blueberry, I ain't talking where the muffins' at

(Roll up the sour diesle if you want nigga)

I split open the dutch, then I'm stuffin' that

You should get a flight to California, come fuck with that

That's all you, go ahead, hop in the truck with that

Take it down in Cashville and hit Young Buck with that

Don't bring nothin' back, Border Patrol cuffin that

I ain't trying see the pen, and have to get my knuckles wrapped

I wake up real early, keep lunchin fags

This shit easy, you Rap niggas my punchin bags

(I got some combinations nigga, Pacquio shit)

Talkin 'bout you poppin tags, talkin 'bout u poppin Cris'

Where u get it poppin at? Nigga u ain't poppin shit

But a X pill, as I turn the Lex' wheels

I got a mean Phantom, very upset grill

Tell'em why you mad son, that nigga pulled a fast one

You know who you are, when I see you that's ya ass son

But I'm in the club, throwin' shots like my last gun

It's 2o'clock, YURR, gotta make a cash run

(Yo, go get the truck from around the corner, tell Wack I'll meet 'em outside)

Into the 7-11 bout to blast one

This nigga A-R will not keep his fuckin' mask on

Deal with it when we get to the crib

You niggas is wildin'! Wait till we get to the crib

And split this fuckin' money up

Hit the block and dummy up

Shave the onion, slice it down the middle, that's a tummy tuck

That's how we do it in Compton, FUCK the Police!

Defend my hood like an NHL goalie

(Sometimes it's cold on these mothafuckin' streets nigga)

Iced out Rollie

And I still remember everythin' that Dre told me

Red Polo fleece, sippin on thaT O.E.

Never been to jail cause I never had a cold D

Do it just like the O.G.'s

Cut the Impala in half, insert the gold D's

Then bounce this mothafucka till it got a slow leak

Flatbed pick it up and u know me

I'm goin with the car, all night, no sleep

(Gotta get this mothafucker back on the strip)

Next day we in the red Phantom, 4 deep

Kids runnin up to the car, block off the whole street

It's the ice cream man like the OP

Cali like the Lion's o-line, it's where the holes(hoes) be

BC runnin shit like a nose bleed

Don't get it confused or screwed like Codine

More swag then the niggas from the show-me

That's ya bitch I'm bout to Mac her like Goldie

(Shit, together we can rule the world baby)

Blacked out Cardiere, Four Season's caviar

Spray a lil Diddy on it, that'll get their panites off

Nigga see me in the lobby lookin like damn he soft

Catch me outside where I can let this cannon off

Soo to the Woo, bet I let this cannon off

And put everything in the clip right where u standin, dog

Ride off in a Mazi' like can I ball?

For the bucks, I'm tryna get it like Brandon dog

(Young Money clearly NBA rookie of the year)

I'm still standin tall wish the Twin Towers was

Take innocent lives, that's the type of shit a coward does

I'm just reminiscin', smokin' on the sour, blood

Take a couple more hits and pass the shit around the bus

U can't tell me shit I done seen a thousand drugs

Hundred rounds in ten drums, that's a thousand slugs

One day I flipped the kitchen table, found a bug

Kept lookin', found another one, right around the subs

(Ayyo, Fed's can u hear me? God damn)

I was takin a shit, then I seen one by the tub

Feedin' my fish, there's a wire right by the rug

Dumb mothafuckers this is not where they buy the drugs

That's Salami in the kitchen that we fryin up

The world full of bitches, all the niggas dyin' up

They strechin' niggas out for crack, all the fiends tryin dust

We got some mean smokers for the sack they tie u up

Quarter sack and get the pound, brick burn the house down

(The connect ain't gon' think that shit is funny)

The fuck these niggas laughin at? Run up, u got some cash in that?

Knock on ya momma's door, ya head sittin' in a bassinette

While I'm on a G4, smokin' up half the jet

All season in New York, smokin' up half the Jets

246 bars ain't broke half a sweat

Just got half a mil', gave the hood half the check

And I done shot it out with probly over half the 'jects

Sometimes just for the love, the other half, respect

(That's that HOOD shit, I'm livin' GOOD bitch!)

Out of my mind like breakin' off half an X

Movin through Hollywood faster than a bag a Meth

Yup, nigga's better watch they step

'Less they in a fraternity, but that ain't concernin' me

Let's get back on this ape shit, back to the basics

Cold words, flip birds in the kitchen with cake mix

Yeah, Betty Crocker that, then hit the block with that

Cut off khakis, house shoes and a stockin' cap

(Hit the Swapmeet... Get me some white T's, red-tip socks)

My flow a 38. don't make me have to cock it back

Shoot it like Olajuwon and bring the old Rocket's back

Two holes in ya face where ya sockets at

Bring the whole hood out and show 'em how to drop a rat

They got them brand new Porsche's out, I'm coppin that

V12 under the hood, ain't no stock in that

Panoramic sunroof, me and this chick watchin glass

My hood is like cameras in the bumper, watch ya ass

(Get ya ass smoked around these parts, youngin')

What the fuck u thought? Ride up bangin Too Short

Smoke u like a Newport, nigga this ain't New York

I be in the jungle with lions or in the zoo lost

Or with my wolves that's dyin' to get they tools off

City Of Angels, be careful who you cross

Niggas'll run in Mr.Chow's and take them fuckin' jewels off

Rappin' all that goon shit, we all know that u soft

A baby's ass in the Martha Stewart face cloth

(Or a box of cotton, stay pushed 'til your rotten)

So, nigga you stay on your Rap shit, while I stay on my trap shit

My, bust a gat shit, Busta hit me like: u wrote 400 that quick?

Naw, 282 and that's just cause the track sick

120 more, welcome to the liquor store

Same one that frog sent me, lil' nigga get the raw

And I did it, Cedar Block, I'm with it

Who you think got all these niggas in them Cincinatti fitted's?

(Yeah, took America and Ken Griffey'd that)

7-5-8's, throw on my crown, throw on my khakis

Then brush the Nike's down

Jump in the 'Lac and push to Nike town

Them the Space Jam's? I need 'em right NOW!

Jordan sweatsuit on, OH Let's Do It!

Go Wocka Flocka on them nigga's in these new kicks

You know how that go, new kick's, new whip

Blue 6, loc'in on the set like a new Crip

(That line was so crazy I had to say that shit, Blood)

Interior coke white, smooth like Cool Whip

Sold the shit to Rick Ross, 80 thou', a cool flip

Then I got that vibrant thing, my lil' Q-tip

That Maserati a problem, especially with the dual shift

0 to 60, and WHOO! It's like a mule kick

I swear to God like the preacher in the pool pit

Speakin of pools, mine heated, come through bitch

Long as it's La Perla, I don't care who you come through with

(Canadian, Spanish, French, nigga whatever!)

Minage in the deep end, head on the back end

I wanna fuck the Asian bitch, next time leave your fat friend

Why the fuck y'all in the Honda all packed in?

Headed to Inglewood, say wassup to Mack 10

Say wassup to Glock 9, I'm back on you nigga's heads

L.A. would be a ghost-town if I wanted nigga's dead

Run with my Goon Squad 'cause more than half you nigga's Fed's

It's either that, you ATF or one of 50's friend's

(I see the wires hangin' out you nigga's Levi's)

Well fuck it though 'cause the nigga did let me in

But he ain't wanna see the Game in HD on ESPN

I think the boy's John-in', we was the best of friends

Then shit flipped, went to his holmes like I was Mexican

We all know the rest, put the burner to his chest

Hit him with 300 Bars and let the streets do the rest

Yes! Terror is over you can eat now, Jayceon(Jason) killed Freddy

The WHOLE world can SLEEP noW!

(Dream-snatcher, that's ME now)

Take your money lay yo' bitch ass on the beach now

I can see it, a G-Unit beach towel

Another man on it, ya'll 'bout to tan on it?

Send some lil' goons by to kick some fuckin' sand on it

We ain't watchin', go 'head nigga, jam on it

Damn homie in high school you was the man homie

You was lucky in Manhattan, the clip jammed

But come to Cali you a moose in some quicksand

(Sink nigga, like a fuckin' boat with bullet-holes in it)

Buttersoft Banks, you a bitch man

Me and you was cool 'til 50 unscrewed your kickstand

And Yayo, turn in your senior citizen wristband

Slap the shit out u for @LilHenchman

And just like the old days, I play the bench man

Dre play the big hand, I'm cool with the 6th man

Never selfish nigga, I'm eatin shellfish nigga

My legacy will never die, the black Elvis nigga

(Come check me out in Graceland nigga, pull the guitar out and e'rrything)

Glock by my pelvis, clip by the waistline

On the block like Chris Bosh, shoot it from the baseline

We at the 350 mark, it's break time

(Ayyo, go get the L out the car man...

Naw, this Purple Haze nigga, I'm 'bout to roll this shit up,

Get high nigga, finish this mothafuckin' 400 Barz

Naw, my key's right there... By that, by that, Cocunut Ciroc... Yeah, Let's Go

Yo, and tell The Runners I'm hungry man,

Get me some Frech Toast, Bacon and shit)

Run up on you with 50 bean's and 50 chef's

Niggas thinkin' it's a game, tryna push select

Call a time out, like I'm OUT!

All these soft ass Rappers fakin' the crime route

Niggas got real quiet now that Shyne out

Don't make me smuggle 'em outta Belize and pull them 9's out

Niggas scared now, my Goon Squad here now

We turnin' on the headlights and runnin over deer's now

(Yeah... All up in the wood's, what's good!?)

And I'm the only one you Rap niggas should fear now

You see a G-Unit poster, you better tear it down

I'm talkin' to you mothafucker, so turn around

The beef forever lives, never ever put ya burner down

I beat the shit out these niggas, they Tina Turner now

Stripped of their manhood, ass naked like they Shermin' out

While I peel the top on the block and just burn it out

Hit the strip club with my niggas and just turn it OUT!

(Ayyo, that's Jeezy mothafuckin' Lambo'? Shit cold nigga)

They got free hot wings, they bringin full serving's out

It's all good, we straight, time to perm' it out

Katt Williams, run up in ya house, tie you up

And make you watch while we run through your spouse

Rip off her fuckin' blouse! Tiger Woods been in this?

No thank you, pass that bitch to Menace

Get what I came for, stuff it inside the Range doors

380 bars and get ready for the main course

(Yo, gimme a couple of them napkins, a salad fork... I'm starvin' nigga!)

June 15th, one of us gotta change course

But not the one that spit 400, blunt'd and ain't hoarse

8 plaques on the wall, hang yours

Before you get one, I'll probly have 8 more

It never been about the money with me

Just been about tryna get my nigga somethin' to eat

Take 'em on a couple of tours, get 'em somethin' to beat

Never satisfied, that's why we keep the gun's on his feet

(Yeah... All I know is block's, Glock's and Ciroc... Let's Get It!)

Who got a blunt I can chief? Nigga's runnin around like Indians

But near not one of'em chief

Killa California, I'm just one of the beasts

Take a fuckin' blood bath and bathe myself with the beef(UHH!)

It's the home stretch but I ain't even home yet

Only thing can stop me, is ME, I'm my own threat

Eatin' Lobster's, writin' Al Capone checks

I still ain't on the level of N.O.R.E. or Capone yet

(Nigga's gon' learn, respect the veteran's... Nigga, apologize to Cube)

But after this year, and after this here

Niggas won't see the throne for another 6 years

P.S. mothafucker, ain't no bitch here!

I'm goin' out the same way I came in, 5th gear

I see the finish line, SHIT YEAH!

(It's time to celebrate, Kanary bring that Cris' here

Sticks tell Crack bring the car around the back)

400 and 6 bars... BITCH, it's a WRAP!

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Young Jeezy & Future)   I Told You   I'm A King   I'm A Mobsta   I'm A Soldier   I'm Chillin'   I'm Home   I'm Looking   I'm On   I'm The King   I'm A King   I'm A Mobsta   I'm A Soldier   I'm Looking   I'm On   I’m Home   Im A Mobsta   In The City   InfraR.E.D.   Intoxicated   Intro   Intro (The Documentary 2)   Intro (The Documentary)   It Must Be Me   It Must Be Tough   It's Ok (One Blood)   It's Okay   It's Okay (One Blood)   It's Okay (One Blood) (Remix)   It's Okay   Jackin' For Beats   Jackin' For Beats   Jesus Piece   Jesus Piece (featuring Kanye West & Common)   Judas Closet   Just Another Day   Just Beggining(Where Im From)   Just So You Know   Justo Faison Tribute   Justo Tribute   Keepin It Real   Khaki Suit   Kill Everything   Killa Cali   Killa Kali   Kiss Your Ass Goodbye (Extended Remix)   Krazy   Krush Groove   L.A. Times   L.A.X. Files   LA   Last Supper   Last Supper (ft. Jadakiss, Styles P & AR)   Last Time You Seen   Let Me Put You On The Game   Let Us Live   Let's Ride   Let's Ride [Clean]   Let's Ride [Explicit]   Let's Ride   Letter To The King   Life   Life Is But a Dream   Lights Go Out   Like Father, Like Son   Like Father, Like Son 2   Like Me   Lil Bit (Remix)   Lil' Bit Remix (G-Unit Diss)   Lil' Bit Remix (G-Unit Diss)   Living Better Now   Lookin At You [Explicit]   Lookin' At You   Lookin' At You [Clean]   Lookin' At You   Lost   Love Me No More   Love On Fire   Lovebirds   Lucifer   Lyrical Exercise   Lyrical Homicide   M.I.A. (3 Heats)   M.O.B. Freestyle   Mad Flows   Made in America   Mafia Music Remix ft. Rick Ross, Ja Rule, Fat Joe   Magnus Carlsen   Mama Knows   Married To The Game   Martians Vs Goblins   Martians Vs. Goblins   Martians Vs. Goblins (Remix)   Maybe In Another Life   Mean Muggin   Memph Bleek Iz   Moment of Violence   Money   Money Gang Anthem   Money Over Bitch's   Money Over Bitches   Money, Money, Money   Monster In My Head*   Monsters In My Head   Mr West Money the Power   Mr. Potato Head   Mr. West / Money & The Power   Mr. West Money The Power   Mula   Murda   Murder   My Confessions   My Flag / Da Homies   My Life   My Life (Remix)   My Love For You   My Lowrider   My Turn   Name Me King   Name Me King (featuring Pusha T)   Neiborhood Supa Starz   Neighborhood Supa Starz   Never Be Friends   Never Can Say Goodbye   New Jack City   New York   New York (remix)   New York (with Fat Joe and Jadakiss)   New York Skit   New York, New York   Nice   No Mercy   No More Fun & Games   No More Fun And Games   No More L.A. (feat. Kendrick Lamar)   Now That I'm Paid   NY Shining   Oh Lord   Ol English   Ol' English   Ol' English [Clean]   Ol' English [Explicit]   Ol' English   Old Gunz   Olivia   Olivia Debut Single   On Fire   On Me   On One   One Blood (dirty South Remix)   One Blood (east Coast Remix)   One Blood (Extended Remix)   One Blood (Remix)   One Blood (west Coast Remix)   One Night   One Night [Clean]   One Night [Explicit]   Only One   Or Nah   Out Of Towner   Outro   Outro (Red Bandana)   Outside   Pain   Palm Pilot   Paramedics   Phantom   Philly Mega Mix   Play The Game   Playa's Only   Playas Only   Poison Bananas   Poor Money   Pop That (Freestyle)   Pot Of Gold   Pour Up (Remix)   Pour Up Remix   Power House   Powerhouse   Powerhouse Anthem   Pray   Pray (featuring J. Cole & JMSN)   Promised Land   Purge   Purp & Patron   Purp & Yellow   Purp & Yellow   Pushin It   Pussy Fight [feat. Feat. Ray J & Esther Dean]   Pussy Money Weed   Put It In The Air   Put Me Under   Put You On The Game   Put You On The Game (Produced By Timbaland)   Quik's Groove (The One)   R.I.P. Story   R.I.PPolly, Johnny   Ready To Blow   Real Gangstaz   Real N***s Stand Up   Real Niggas Stand Up   Really   Recognize A Boss   Red   Red Bandana   Red Bottom Boss   Red Bottoms   Red Magic   Red Nation   Remedy   Remedy [Clean]   Remedy [Explicit]   Ricky   Roll My Shit   Rollin'   Rolling Stone   Rookie Card   Roped Off (feat. Problem, & Boogie)   Rough   Round Here   Run It   Run Up (feat. Ice Cube & YG)   Runnin   Runnin'   Runnin'   Ryda   Ryda (feat. Dej Loaf)   Sam Californie (feat. Nipsey Hussle & Ty Dolla $ig...   Same Hoes   Scared Now   Scared Now (featuring Meek Mill)   Scream On 'Em   Scream On 'Em [Clean]   Scream On 'Em [Explicit]   Scream On Em   Second Chance   See No Evil   See No Evil (featuring Kendrick Lamar & Tank)   Sex   Sex Skit   Shake   She Wanna Have My Baby   She Want To Have My Baby   Skate On   So High   Soft Rhodes   Soo Woo   Southside   Southside (Ft. Lil Scrappy)   Spanglish   Speakers On Blast   Special   Standin On A Corner   Standing On A Corner   Standing on Ferraris   Start from Scratch   State Of Emergency   Step Up   Still Cruisin Ft. Eazy E   Still Me   Street Kings   Street Muzik   Street Riders   Street Ryders   Stripper   Su Woo   Summertime   Summertime Fine   Super Throwed   Support Compton   Support Compton (feat. J3 and Payso)   Swallow That Slug   Swallow That Slug (You Know What It Is Vol. III)   Swerve   Switches   T.H.O.T.   Take That   Taylor Made   TD   That's Presidents   The Best Revenge   The Chronic (feat. AD and AV)   The City   The Documentary   The Documentary 2   The Drill   The Funeral (100 Bars)   The Game Get Live   The Game Jesus Piece featuring Kanye West and Comm...   The Game Murder cut from the album"Jesus Piece" fe...   The Game Till We Meet Again Dedicated to a friend ...   The Ghetto   The Good, The Bad, The Ugly   The Hangover   The Kill   The Logo   The Ocean   The Pledge   The Purge   The Streetz Of Compton   The Town   They Don't Want None   They Don’t Want None   This D (Remix)   This Way   Thot   THOT (THIRSTY HOES OUT THERE)   Til We Meet Again (R.I.P. Frogg)   Till We Meet Again   Till We Meet Again (R.I.P. Frogg)   Tonight   Too Much   Too Much [Clean]   Too Much [Explicit]   Touchdown   Trouble On My Mind   Troublesome   Trunk Music   Truth Rap   Tuesday (Remix)   Turn Down For What   Twilight Zone   Two Blunts   Two Blunts (with Wiz Khalifa) [feat. Wiz Khalifa]   Uncle (Skit)   Uncle Otis   Uncle Otis (Jay-Z Diss)   Undefeated   Unfollow Me Bitch (feat. Problem)   Untold Story   Up on the Wall   Uzis and Grenades (feat. Lorine Chia)   Versace   Violin   Walk Thru The Sky   Walk Wit Me   Walkin In The Rain   We Ain't   We Are The Champions   We Are The Hustlaz   We Gorillaz   We Run L.a   We Will Survive   West Side Story (Featuring 50 Cent)   Westside Story   Westside Story (Remix ft. Snoop Dogg)   What We Do   When **** Get Thick   When My Niggas Come Home   When Shit Get Thick   When The Chips Are Down   When... Get Thick   Where I'm From   Where You At? (The Whole City Behind Us)   White Soft Porn   Who Do You Love(Remix)(feat.YG&Drake)   Who the Illest   Why U Smell Like Dat   Why You Hate (Ft. Nas & Marsha Of Floetry)   Why You Hate The Game   Why You Hate The Game [Clean]   Why You Hate The Game [Explicit]   Work Hard   Wouldn   Wouldn't Get Far   Wouldn't Get Far [Clean]   Wow   Ya Heard   Yesterday   Yonkers Freestyle Base   You Are The Blood   You Don't Know   You Dont Know   Yung Stunna

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