4 Loko (Remix) (Feat. ASAP Twelvy, Smoke DZA, Danny Brown, Killa Kyleon, Freeway)

[Intro: A$AP Rocky]

Coming down, sittin' clean, mixin' that Promethazine

[Verse 1: A$AP Twelvyy]

It's that ASAP

Gimme that beat, No take backs

Flow so hard I say facts

These real slugs, y'all 8-track

That's fool's gold

I’m two, four

Yellow and purp, I move slow

Stacking all my cool dough

Teacher need that too, though

I'm just copping sneakers

And a couple heaters

Load it up on ammo

Dumping all these features

Fucking with me? Nah, my man

It’s clear to see you high my man

Ain't no system, try my man

Then they wonder why, my man

Moving like we moving

Rising like we rising

ASAP Worldwide, global enterprising (huh)

Don’t that sound good

Corporate but I'm wild hood

Coming from a wild hood

Now just his style (Huh)

Ricky always with us

Sip the 'zona

Flacko put me on it

Now the hoes won't get up off it

That's that pimp shit

Never on no symp' shit

Shorty here now

Best believe that's my tense bitch

[Verse 2: Danny Brown]

I'm a weirdo

Molly in the pocket of my pea coat

Wresting a P-bo have three hoes, got coke so we about to speed boat

I got trees in O's

Step brother shit got boats and hoes

Boats and soda

Rolling up the doja

White boys grew up the Pacific Coast

I thought I told ya so?

I got tons of hoes

So when I lick lick lick lick on that bitch friend

Take the dick out the pussy, put it in the throat

Jiggas can’t say no to James

I done popped about 2 beans

Spillin' purple on the Moncler

Splitting swishers, blunts up in the air

With my nigga, Smoke DZA

Now these hoes wanna know my name

Cause when I'm on the east, I fuck with rough

On the west, my drink is rum

Fuck my dog

Fuck my peso

Suck my dick ho

Cause I say so

Now she all up on my jock

Never made love but I fuck a lot

Taking shots of that tiger balm

Jeremy Scott Tiger on

Fixing a blunt at the blunt fitting dope

Now she talking about she wants the tiger balm

And my teeth fucked up but nigga I got hella hot hoes

I'm that Detroit mothafucker with the rudest flow

[Hook: A$AP Rocky & Smoke DZA]

Uh, I'm sittin' high, I'm tippin' slow

I'm gettin' high, but I'm sippin' slow

Mouth full of golds, nigga I got hella hoes

I'm that Harlem mothafucka with that mellow flow

Coming down, sittin' clean, mixin' that Promethazine (Uh)

Coming down, sittin' clean, mixin' that Promethazine (Uh)

Coming down, sittin' clean, mixin' that Promethazine (Uh)

Coming down, sittin' clean, mixin' that Promethazine

(White! Purple, we loco! Purple, we loco!

On purple, we loco! Purple, we loco!)

[Verse 3: Killa Kyleon]

I’m too throwed

Two white cups

My shit feel

Drunk, High, pop vic or X

Drink Evian lean like my 5th wheel

Candy painted sitting on them pokers

Make a barber disappear like hocus pocus

David Blaine, I take your picture

And never eat no dick like fried okra

ASAP my jewelry rocking

My watch, my chain, last name’s stallone

King of the underground like kevin bun

Y’all freshman niggas better watch the throne

Money calling, gotta watch the phone

A nigga on his grind can’t miss shit

I’m bad to the bone like hoes clothes

AKA I’m a misfit

Y’all broke ass niggas just get rich

While I get rich

My flow loco

And Zo-zoco

I got the game in the jump

Del loco

Stupid bread, retarded money

Is that Chevy my short bus?

Smoking loud, you gotta cough it up

Another beat dead, getting chopped up

Part fidel, screw face

I’m so extern like scoob‘s tapes

Counting money, y’all flick the conch

I’ll hold a dead nigga so two face (yeah)

Kush garden

There’s a killa

I lean and dream

My cups double

My blunts rolled

And I'm shaking these haters like Hakeem the Dream

[Verse 4: Freeway]

That shit crazy I’ve been loco

Since niggas been living in they moms’ house

Had ye, had nickels, had dimes out

While y’all was still playing in your snow clothes

Yo new chick? My old ho

Yo new style? My old clothes

These niggas ain't got no clothes

Plus they be kicking it with po-po

I’m realer toward the dealer

Need that pen of Mary Urkle

Got a f’real line

Got a trap line

Got Google voice numbers on both phones

I’m a globe trotting nigga that hold chrome

Fireman gotta ladder that chromo

No sprite, sip the purple straight

R-A-N-A real ass niggas that don’t blow

Mommy give me chocha

Popi know I’m loco

I see him, and cop 2

Then she throw me popa

Betty Crocker cakes I move

A lotta come in place your order

Move that king

Simply cause we able to

And proper take the chopper. (haha)


[Verse 5: Smoke DZA]


I’m a loco, nigga straight loco

First time out I warned y'all

Now I’m bout to go postal

First let me get to the pro tools

Fucking/fuck it real low nigga, old school

This time I brought my folks through

Harlem niggas show love like I’m supposed to (huh?)

I got some bud in the cut

Rolling through the sink with some mud in my cup

Pour me an eighth, got me all stuffed

My nigga low from Meridian know what’s up

One time for my N.O. niggas

My Texas niggas, some reckless niggas

Double cup for breakfast niggas

All day no, effort niggas

I'm gettin' high, I'm sippin' slow

And all this tour money, I'mma get some more

Aight, bring it to the hood

Get a heavy flow

You know us Harlem mothafuckas like to hustle though

I need the bread and the butter

Might be a hit, wouldn’t it be nice if I fooled ya

One time for the third and my homeboy Scudda

Better watch yo mouth til I get this shooter

I'm a loco, loco

You shook nigga

Keep yo head down

Don’t look nigga

Better watch out for the hook

[Outro: A$AP Rocky]

Coming down, sittin' clean, mixin' that Promethazine

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Lyrics by ASAP Mob

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