25/8 Freestyle
Lil' Flip

Lil' Flip


25/8 Freestyle

Hold up uhh..

3 2 nigga


Lil Ron and Lil Flip

Every day all day I gotta get dat paper

nigga i'm independent i ain't wit no majors

you know me, from doin diamonds in ya face

the nigga wit da sucka free piece in ya face

i started out wit C-Note i fucked wit ESG

i found out dat the nigga wasn't real to me

started snortin lines, stealin my flows

so i moved on started doin my own shows

i fucked wit Screw and he put me in da click

i started free stylin every body on my dick

it was freestyle pros not free style kings

and nigga fuck you I ain't no freestyle queen

you hatin on me cause you know that i'm a CEO

and every time I do a show fans see me blow

Do all the shit you can't do

You ain't even from Houston Texas fool

Niggas aint from the set that they claim

And i'm here to let hot slugs just rang

Rang in ya brain my bullets is untamed

I'm off tha chain and I can't be contained

I be rainin shots

clearin up blocks

Niggas know me I might stop in the drop and approach a bitch

Come here little mama

I got some game and a nigga wanna holla

Spit 2 lines and i'm in her head

and she in da passenger side ridin down homestead

I represent tha Rosewood till I D-I-E

And if you aint know I blow on dat endo tree

its me

i'm a young playa out da north

hookin up wit lil flip up out da south

Cloverland and Rosewood niggas know its all good

i represent my hood

its undastood

I represent my hood and I move my work

and I hussle, nigga, till I lose my shirt

And when I move my work I stack da money

And if you see me in the back of johnny

That mean i'm gettin a watch or i'm gettin a ring

and if i'm on the freeway you know i'mma speed

cause i got a jaguar and it go so fast

and i got credit cards i don't use no cash

and when i pull up everybody say damn

and when i show my platinum hoes know who i am

i'm the i can do that nigga leanin to the left

when i smoke tha do-do you'll fuckin lose ya breath

cause all I do is smoke the real shit

And im the nigga

wit mo money den Will Smith

I'm da nigga wit mo money den Will Smith

Back door, lil flip nigga gone take a whiff

of this good doe

cause thats all we smoke

killa, weed

I got a trick up my sleeve

Screens on watching greed

make a bitch say please

Lil' ron, can I have you

You can't have me unless you do my whole crew

Thats right

you gotta fuck me

you gotta fuck him

you gotta fuck him, him, him, and him, and him

cuz we da ones wit candy paints and big ole rims

take a look at my piece we got big ole gems

every time you see me all da hoes be stoppin

cuz they know my trunks be poppin

niggas lookin like boy they some rich niggas

they ain't got 3 figgas they got 6 figgas

I do a song nigga

I hit da bank nigga

I got da weed nigga

I got da drank

So what you wanna do nigga

What you wanna sip

how you want yo work nigga hard or whip

I gve it to you how you want it

Cause i'm a banker

Big money maker

Big face chaser

about my paper

so call me king kose

Every time you see me

I'm hoppin out lorenzo benzoes

Endo is what's in my nose

Starch, heavy starch thats in my clothes

I'm slingin more than GI Joe

I like some of dat shit though lemme do that...

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