100%"(feat. Tony Sunshine
Big Punisher



100%(feat. Tony Sunshine

[Tony Sunshine]

Ooooooooooohhhhh.. Puerto Rico

[Big Punisher]


[Chorus: Tony Sunshine]

[Pronto llegara]

el dia de mi suerte

te lo juro por mi gente

te juro que un dia llegara

And we won't stop

We always knew we'd make it

Even though you player hated

we still made it to the top

[Big Punisher]

Puerto Rock Puro, not Menudo no I'm not the one

I'm studyin Judo, you don't know if I got a gun

It's Pun, from the X side of things, baguette inside my rings

Everything I want I gets, bada-BING

It's mine I Shyne like money that sound like Biggie

Fuck around my town, Boogie Down my city

Come around get pound, to the ground no pity

Watch the sound, fo'-pound twenty round milli'

Get smacked silly, for coming out your mug

I'm known for bouncin thugs from the Tunnel to the Salsa clubs

Don't matter, put the chrome to your bladder

Splatter your abs, have you pissin in a plastic bag

That's a drag now you abnormal

Don't make me go out to rumble,

and put some motherfuckin stabs on you

The night is young and I'm already fightin hidin my gun

Promoter buggin screamin, Who the fuck invited Pun?


[Big Punisher]

From San Juan to Bayamon, I'm the Don Juan beside the Don

Live long, get your party on

Don't let the liquor fool you, cause I'll stick it to you

Somethin sharp to the heart, or somethin big to move you

The Desert or the shottie, whateva you the body

that chose to be the dumb nigga at the party

Too much Bacardi started speakin dumb

Then you tried to snuff Joe - must have been Puerto Rican rum

That's the hardcore, two years a sophomore

Takes years to earn a pair of Terror Squad balls

So get lost or take one, bones I break them

Pigs are bacon, so get fried if they come

You see that? I'm like G. Rap, 'Pac, Master P

all balled up with a twist of Marc Anthony

Recognize me I'm the one that's cockin the auto

Tony Sunshine please canten el coro


[Tony] It ain't over

[Pun] I thought you ain't like the beat

[Tony] Te digo que no se ha acabao

[Tony Sunshine]

La tierra del Borinquen donde nacido yo

aha aha aha aha..

Es un jardin florido de magico primor

aha aha aha aha aha aha aha...

Un cielo siempre nitido, que sirve de dosel

y dan arrullos placidos, las olas a sus pies


[Frankie Cutlass sample]

A Puerto Rico..

A Puerto Rico..

A Puerto Rico..

A Puerto Rico..

A Puerto Rico..

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