#1 Stunna"(feat. Lil' Wayne, Juvenile
Big Tymers



#1 Stunna(feat. Lil' Wayne, Juvenile


Nigga can't out-stunt me when it come to these fuckin' cars, nigga

Believe that!

You know me - I don't need no introduction and shit

Ride Bentley's 'round the city on buttons, ya bitch

Arm hangin', wrist blingin' - just stun'n and shit

Drop the top, block is hot

Stay bumpin', ya bitch

B. Atrice get it right, don't tangle and twist it

Hit the club every night, drunk - drinkin' that Crissy

Niggas mad - don't like it 'cause I'm bangin' they bitches

When the light hit the ice, it twankle and glistens

Baby, Brian, B., Bubble - you can call me what you feel

Hoppin' out the platinum Hummer with the platinum grill

With the platinum pieces, and the platinum chains

With the platinum watches, and the platinum rings (platinum rings)

Last shit ain't changed

Still doin' my thing

Still do it for the block - nuts hang and swing

You don't know another nigga that can stunt like me (stunt like me)

Big Tymer representin', nigga - the U.P.T.

[Hook (Baby + Lil' Wayne)]

[Baby] I'ma a hard stun'n nigga like Evil Knievel

[Wayne] Jumpin' out Lex's and Hummers - showin' off for my people

[Baby] I'm the # 1 stunna!

[Wayne] Wh-what, wh-what, what?

[Baby] The # 1 stunna!

[Wayne] Wh-what, wh-what, what?

[Baby] James Bond, Jackie Chan, and that bitch, MacGyver

[Wayne] Private planes, Jaguars, Bentley's, and Prowlers

[Baby] I'm the # 1 stunna!

[Wayne] Wh-what, wh-what, what?

[Baby] The # 1 stunna!

[Wayne] Wh-what, wh-what, what?


I put dubs on cars - when I ride, I'm fly

We thugs, not stars, bitch - ride or die

Put bricks on blocks, nigga - cooked and cut

Juvy 'bout to hold the rocks, nigga, hook it up

Diamonds on my hoes' feet - when they walk, they spark

Diamonds in my fuckin' teeth - when I talk, I spark

Don't fuck around with beef - when it start, I spark

Me and my Hot Boy creeps - when it's dark, we spark

Just bought a new car, and I spent about a million

The motherfuckin' driver seat sittin' in the middle

Me and my son, Wheezy, got a house by the water

I'll be fuckin' bad bitches (bad bitches, bad bitches)

[Lil' Wayne]

I be hittin' they daughters


I like my dick sucked fast

[Lil' Wayne]

I like to play with them rookies


I like to fuck 'em in they ass while he beat up the pussy

I'm the number-one stunna - you don't want my shit

I'ma stunt 'til I die, bitch, the shit don't quit

[Hook (Baby + Lil' Wayne)]


Baby, pop the Cryst-al, and shine the jew-els

Get the Cadillac from Sewell with twenty-inch L's

[Lil' Wayne]

Boss B.,

Slow down in the Jag, you lost me


[tires squeal]

Slow down, Wayne - you know that's all on me

[Lil' Wayne]

But you know how slow the new Rolls Royce be

Come on - you know how slow the new Rolls Royce be


Baby, give me the ki's, give me the weed,

give me the G's, give me the Mack-10

Let me see happenin'

To me, these niggas laggin'

[Lil' Wayne]

What's up, Boss B.

You ever got beef with a busta, you can call me

You know I keep a blucka-blucka

Hit 'em all week

Give me the keys to the bubble

I'm on y'all street

Juvenile (Juvenile)


Baby, let me get the keys to the Rover Truck

Man, let me get this beef shit over, bruh

[Lil' Wayne]

But wait,

My nigga, Baby - he live on chrome

My nigga, Baby - he get his shine on

[Hook2x (Baby + Lil' Wayne)]

[Baby {talking}]

Now, it's plain and simple, nigga

I ain't met a nigga yet

could fuck with these Cash Money Hot Boys with these cars, nigga

See that new Monte Carlo, that's hot and on fire

that my dog, Fresh, had first

We got 'em on dubs

That Lexus - the new one - that come out in 2001 with the frog eyes

I got that bitch on dubs

And that Yu- the new Yukon, that's bubble-eye

I got that bitch on dubs

And that Mercedes Wagon, with the kit, that's kitted out

look like it got frog eyes

That bitch on dubs

And I got that Benz that me and my dog bought for our bitches

We got this shit here on dubs

We all drive Bentley's on dubs

I'm tryin' to put platinum eyebrows on these hoes

I just bought me a platinum football field, nigga

Ya understand?

Don't fuck with me with these cars, nigga (at all, playboy)

We the number-one stunnas, nigga (Nigga, we don't give a fuck)

Got that Viper with them rattlin stripes, with that kit

Ya understand?

We ain't playin'

TV's in all our shit

Believe that, playboy

(Fuck your whole hood up)

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